Thursday, November 03, 2011

Christy's Paper Castle- SOO COOL! :)

Christy's latest project.She got the idea from a YouTube video by "follow the paper trail". She said she isn't finished with it yet.She still has to put more of the "stone" around the front of the castle and attach a chain for the door to come down with.:) The "peaks" she painted using sand in the paint to make texture. I will have to come back with ALL the info when I find out where she got everything and what she used..etc. I just think this is SOOO COOOL!!:) The angle of the pic makes it seem tilted a bit...but it really is measured perfectly.:)

Christy has started taking Thursdays off along with her Tuesdays. We plan to go to the craft stores and do some Christmas shopping. I like to start early so there isn't such a rush the closer we get to the day! :) Guess my Mojo Monday card will have to wait ...again.LOL

Thanks for stopping in again.LOVE your visits!



smiekeltje said...

That castle looks lovely! When completely finished it would make a great item for a fantasy-world display, along with some fairies and princesses and knights and dragons etc. Some greenery along with it and a kid would have it's own fantasy world to look at!
I started too with Christmas shopping yesterday and found some sweet things in a dollar store LOL!
Don;t need so much but I too like to do it in early time.
Better you warn the world that you are on Christmas present hunts with Christy LOL. You two together is a dangerous combination ROFL!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Samantha said...

Wow! That is pretty cool! Christy sure does dream up some pretty cool stuff. Interested to see it all done.