Saturday, November 05, 2011

Christy's Almost Completed Castle.:)

The front of the Castle is completed now.:) I went downstairs this morning to take a pic of it after I had seen she posted it on Facebook.LOL She had left for work already so I wasn't able to ooo and awww to her yet...but I sure will when she gets home this afternoon.She already has a friend who might be interested in it for a centerpiece for a baby shower...who's theme is Castles.Christy didn't know this at the time.:) It might not be big enough for what her friend would want it for though. They want to have a box decorated with a Castle...with balloons that pop out of it for the gender the baby is going to be.Surprise everyone at the same time.Sounds FUN and I just really don't think Christy's castle will be big enough for that.It's only 12" across..and 10" high and 3" deep. Would have to have really SMALL balloons.LOL

Christy finished the door to the castle.We shopped for something for the chains to hold to the walls of the castle ..but couldn't find what she she MADE her own. She pounded metal into the shape she wanted and added a ring to it. She didn't want to have to order it and pay shipping costs.I guess she really lives by the saying"where there's a will..there's a way." :)

Here is a closeup of the peeks..or dome..whatever they are called and if YOU know..please let ME know.:) She used Martha Stewart border punch for the ruffles and I am not sure what she used for the moon and stars..yet.:) She used sand in her black paint to add texture to the peek/dome and a heart shaped punch for the flags and a tiny punch (inside the heart) that she found at Micheal's for a dollar.I will have to wait until I see her this afternoon to find out what she used as flag poles. Christy said she has a little bit to finish on the back side..and then she will have it done.:)

I am really pleased with her talent. Okay..I am sooo PROUD of her achievements in crafting.:) She makes me want to try harder ..or give up ..hehe Just Kidding.:)

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