Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mojo Monday #216

Here is this weeks Mojo Monday card. I think the sentiments just about cover it all.:)

The background paper and sentiments come from atd Christmas Party Premium Scrapbook kit.:) The snowflakes are cut outs from my Silhouette SD machine.I added glue and glitter to them and then a pop dot to make them raised up a little and then added a gem in the center of each one.The gems are from a bag of assorted gems that Christy gave to me a while back. The vertical reddish flag ...I first cut it out..then used decorative scissors along the top and bottom...then embossed with a snowflake embossing folder from Cuddle bug. It really looks a lot more festive in person.:) The snowflakes are actually white and not with a green tint. Oh well...at least you get the idea.LOL

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christy made a Beautiful Jewelry Box

I just LOVE this jewelry box Christy made!!!! I just HAD to show it to you!:).

WOW!! ..can you believe how big these pics are? I uploaded these from my IPhone using the new blogger app..hehe.What's wrong with this picture?LOL

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christy's update.

Well..Christy had her appointment with her Doctor this morning. She called me just a few minutes ago to let me know what the Doctor told her. I couldn't go with her because of my back acting up again.:(

Seems since they have already given her two rounds of different antibiotics..the Doctor took blood to test for infection and put Christy on three Advil..three times a day ( to try to bring the swelling down) until she can see an Orthopedist on Monday...because she ..the Doctor..has done everything she knows to do for her and needs to refer her to someone who might know. The Orthopedist deals with the extremities and I guess does more than just the bones. Christy told me her arm doesn't hurt..it isn't red like it was and it is beginning to itch. I hope the itching part is actually a result of it healing.KWIM? It still leaves an impression in her arm if she pushes it and the impression stays for a while. Doesn't spring back up like it would normally.We think this is from the swelling.

Guess we will know more Monday.Hopefully they will be able to tell us it is mending.:)

Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers concerning Christy.WE sure do appreciate your concern!

I do have another prayer request if you wouldn't mind praying for it. My BIL..Jim's sister's husband had an accident Monday before last.The bucket of a
  • Front end loader
  • landed on his foot and crushed the toes and part of his foot.His toes turned completely black and he had to have the crushed parts amputated yesterday.OWWW!! Jim's sister told me they had to remove half of his foot and are waiting to see if any more of his foot has to be removed.Please pray for them.They have been going through SOO much lately.His Mom just passed away a couple of weeks ago from a long painful illness and now this.:( You just never know when something like this will happen.

    Thank you sooo much for your prayers!


    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Mojo Monday #215

    Here's my Mojo Monday card! Hope you like it.:) I used some different papers from the Recollections "Holiday Traditions" paper pack that I used on last weeks Mojo Monday card. The bow is from "Make It Christmas" and the sentiment stamp is from "Craft Smart". The gems are from the bag of assorted gems that Christy gave to me a while back.:)

    Please stop by my friends blogs to see what they have been making.Such TALENT!! :)

  • Barb

  • Judy

  • Nina

  • Samantha

  • Hugs,

    Saturday, November 12, 2011

    Christy got the results to her CT scan!

    First of all I want to thank those of you who have kept Christy in their thoughts and prayers.Thank you SOOO much!

    Second..she received the results from her CT scan and they show she has Cellulitis.:( Which means infection in her arm. I looked it up on yahoo images.Fortunately she hasn't gotten bad like those pics..ewww.:( The Doc wants to see her again this coming week. Christy took her last antibiotic yesterday afternoon..so she has to go through this weekend not having any. I hope they don't have to admit her to the hospital for a couple of days.Cat bites sure are a bad thing!!:( Some people have to have IV's with medicine in them to get them over this.We will do whatever it takes to get her arm taken care of!! It's still swollen and hot to touch.:( Please continue to pray for her.:)

    Cats are a lot harder to work with at the Animal hospitals.They scratch and bite. Christy has scars where cats have scratched her.She told me this morning that it is difficult to get x-rays when they are moving all over trying to get away too.Dogs are included in that part.:) She loves working with the animals though..so she stays there through all the unpleasant parts of the job. :)

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    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Mojo Monday#214

    I FINALLY got my Mojo Monday card made..plus a card for my Brother's 60th Birthday..which is today.I will show that one tomorrow.:) This card was made almost entirely from Recollections Holiday Tradition paper pad.Christy and I both used our 50% off coupons and we each got a pack!! LOVE those coupons!!! :) The only other things I used is a bow made from ribbon called...Make It Christmas ..that I got from Hobby Lobby this week.:) To make this card I just cut and pieced different papers and placed them where I wanted them. No Stamp needed this time around. All the extras were included in the paper pad. :) How COOL is that?

    Well..That is about all I have time at the moment to post...cause I have a Big Birthday Party to go to in just a little over an hour. :)

    Thanks for stopping in!!


    Happy 60th Birthday Tom!!:)

    Just recently my brother ..Tom..had a
  • Cochlear Implant
  • installed into his right ear.My brothers and several members of our family..(my immediate family not included..thank you Lord!) have had hearing loss from nerve damage ..due to high fevers. It's a hit and miss situation.Some of the members of the family get it and some don't. It's hereditary and since their teenage years have had to wear hearing aids.It gradually gets worse as they grow older. My brother ..Tom...the one between my older brother and me...suddenly lost total hearing in his right ear recently.

    He opted to get the implant and just this last week he was able to have the outer part attached to the inner part..how ever they do that.:) After the surgery.The surgeon said Tom was "hard headed"..hehe I can't remember how long Tom had to wait for the surgery site to heal before he could have the outer part of the implant attached and be able to find out how well he will hear from that ear. He said he is doing really well with it now and seems to be thrilled to be able to hear again in that ear.YAY!! Praise the Lord!! What better birthday present could he get? :)

    I want to wish Tom a VERY HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY and say..I think your wish has come true already!!:) I LOVE YOU!!


    Wednesday, November 09, 2011

    Update to Christy's CT Scan....

    First I would like to thank each of you who have been praying for Christy's arm. She did fine during the CT scan although she wasn't thrilled with having to have an IV with stuff in it so they could take the scan and see what is going on.:) We will have to wait for her Doctor to call with the results..or to make an appointment so we can get the results from her.
    Christy's arm doesn't seem to be swollen as bad as it has been ...since this second dose of antibiotics. YAY...Praise the Lord!! It's still swollen..but it was pretty bad last week. She can still press on that arm with her fingers and the skin stays indented for a while.Really kinda freaky.:( She still has a few days of taking the antibiotics..so hopefully they are doing their job.:)

    Thank you ALL so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers!!


    Tuesday, November 08, 2011

    Prayer request for Christy.

    About a month ago..Christy got bitten by a cat someone brought in to the clinic to get checked.It was an outside cat with really itchy ears.Christy had a towel around it's body to prevent any scratches...and while reaching for an ear swab..the cat sunk it's teeth into her other arm... right forearm. She had to actually pull it off of her.:( She washed it and medicated it really well..and then went to one of those instant medical places and the Doctor there looked at it...for about two minutes and gave her a prescription for antibiotics.One a day for seven days. In the meantime..Christy's arm began to swell really bad and was hot to the touch.She finished the medication that Doctor had given her and was waiting a couple of days to see if the swelling would go down.As it continued to be swollen and aching..and generally feeling ...as she said..WEIRD ..she finally went to our family physician and she..the DOC..put Christy on a larger dose of an antibiotic...plus..today she has to have a ct scan to see if there is infection in her muscle.If there is and they can't get rid of it with the medication..Christy will have to have surgery to remove the infection.Here is where the prayer request comes in.:) Please pray!!
    Thank you so much!!


    Monday, November 07, 2011

    Christy's CUTE Journal!!:)

    This first set of pics is the Cover to the Journal and the first few pages. I just LOVE how they flip up and out to show more and more surprises.The papers sticking up and out are for Journaling. Some are embossed and when you turn them over..there are lines for Journaling.SO CUTE!! :)

    There are tags for adding pics or Journaling too. You choose.:)

    This one shows before the page is opened and then after. I took the pics as I was sitting in my recliner letting my back rest.(been having some trouble with it again.) The red..green and yellow quilt is a small one Christy made for me several years ago.:) She later made a larger one for me..that I have hanging in my bedroom on a quilt rack that Jim made for it.:)

    Here are the last few pages of the Journal.The back cover looks just like the front only the opposite...so I didn't put it on here. I'm not sure if Christy is finished with this or if she might come up with some other CUTE things to add to it.:) Either way..if she decides to give it away..someone will be extremely happy to receive it!!

    I don't have a list of all the things she used in making this...but I do know she used Once Upon A Time paper pack that she purchased from Micheal's Craft store. She also used a Martha Stewart punch for the corners of her papers etc. For the stamped titles..she used..a stamp we got for $2.00 at Big Lots..if I am not mistaken.Looks like she did some embossing on it too.:)

    Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you will leave a comment for Christy before you leave.I would LOVE to know what you think of her Journal.:)


    Saturday, November 05, 2011

    Christy's Almost Completed Castle.:)

    The front of the Castle is completed now.:) I went downstairs this morning to take a pic of it after I had seen she posted it on Facebook.LOL She had left for work already so I wasn't able to ooo and awww to her yet...but I sure will when she gets home this afternoon.She already has a friend who might be interested in it for a centerpiece for a baby shower...who's theme is Castles.Christy didn't know this at the time.:) It might not be big enough for what her friend would want it for though. They want to have a box decorated with a Castle...with balloons that pop out of it for the gender the baby is going to be.Surprise everyone at the same time.Sounds FUN and I just really don't think Christy's castle will be big enough for that.It's only 12" across..and 10" high and 3" deep. Would have to have really SMALL balloons.LOL

    Christy finished the door to the castle.We shopped for something for the chains to hold to the walls of the castle ..but couldn't find what she wanted..so she MADE her own. She pounded metal into the shape she wanted and added a ring to it. She didn't want to have to order it and pay shipping costs.I guess she really lives by the saying"where there's a will..there's a way." :)

    Here is a closeup of the peeks..or dome..whatever they are called and if YOU know..please let ME know.:) She used Martha Stewart border punch for the ruffles and I am not sure what she used for the moon and stars..yet.:) She used sand in her black paint to add texture to the peek/dome and a heart shaped punch for the flags and a tiny punch (inside the heart) that she found at Micheal's for a dollar.I will have to wait until I see her this afternoon to find out what she used as flag poles. Christy said she has a little bit to finish on the back side..and then she will have it done.:)

    I am really pleased with her talent. Okay..I am sooo PROUD of her achievements in crafting.:) She makes me want to try harder ..or give up ..hehe Just Kidding.:)

    Thanks for stopping in and please leave Christy a comment if you don't mind.:)


    Thursday, November 03, 2011

    Christy's Paper Castle- SOO COOL! :)

    Christy's latest project.She got the idea from a YouTube video by "follow the paper trail". She said she isn't finished with it yet.She still has to put more of the "stone" around the front of the castle and attach a chain for the door to come down with.:) The "peaks" she painted using sand in the paint to make texture. I will have to come back with ALL the info when I find out where she got everything and what she used..etc. I just think this is SOOO COOOL!!:) The angle of the pic makes it seem tilted a bit...but it really is measured perfectly.:)

    Christy has started taking Thursdays off along with her Tuesdays. We plan to go to the craft stores and do some Christmas shopping. I like to start early so there isn't such a rush the closer we get to the day! :) Guess my Mojo Monday card will have to wait ...again.LOL

    Thanks for stopping in again.LOVE your visits!