Monday, October 17, 2011

Mojo Monday #211

I was able to take some time to do this week's Mojo Monday #211. (My towels are still in the dryer waiting to be folded..but first things first.LOL ) I LOVE the sketch for this week.:) Please be sure to visit my friends blogs to see the GORGEOUS cards they have done...or going to get done.I always get a PLEASANT surprise when visiting them.:) They are listed in the upper right corner ..over there>>>>with links to their blogs!!

I used red,purple and yellow card stock and cut out then embossed the flowers on the left side of the card..with a Cuddle bug embossing envelope... and then used a Swirl Vellum paper I had gotten from Hobby Lobby on one of Christy and my shopping trips a few weeks ago. They were on sale so I got about six papers. I used some tape for the center of the vellum and covered it with the ribbon so you couldn't see it.Then in the upper and lower right corners..I used glue and covered that with the corners that Christy cut out for me on the Cuddle bug machine. That effectively covers the glue that would normally show through the vellum. I used a studio G stamp as the sentiment and one of my carnation paper flowers I had made a while back as an accent.I made the leaves with green card stock and decorative scissors. I added a pretty bow with the yellow ribbon and some gems I had gotten from Micheal's.

Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)



Notes by Nina said...

Very pretty card Valinda, great colour combo.

Judy said...

awww ..I love your card and you got it up on Monday girl look at you go. I guess I best move it. Have a great week.


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

This is very pulled together and professional looking - very very nice! I absolutely LOVE your carnation. The corners are a terrific pattern, hmmm me needs to design something like that I think.

Thanks for your visit - durn, forgot to list you today, you can slap me when we get to one day meet. K?


Samantha said...

Great card Valinda! Those little embossed flowers are so cute....i have never seen that folder.
So happy to see you got your card done today as well.....and you are right first thing first....folding laundry is no fun and you can always fluff them if needed LOL!
I dont mind putting laundry on but i am horrible at getting it out of the dryer and putting it away :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

smiekeltje said...

This card is really lovely! And of course the towels can wait!
Not much creativity in folding them, isn;t it? LOL
Oh my, you actually did the card on Monday! Good girl.
Hope to be able to do some designing again today, hmmmm, only have to get an idea for a new kit. Well,hopefully it will come as I start with a colour scheme and a first paper.
Have a lovely day!

pkdoll said...

Beautiful card!!!! I have never really tried to make any cards, and you make it look so simple! I love it.
I actually stopped by to thank you for commenting on my blog. That was very sweet of you, and I appreciate it bunches!! :)

Renee said...

Pretty with such pretty colors!