Sunday, October 02, 2011

Christy made another Box with drawers.:) PRETTY!

Actually..Christy made this PRETTY box with drawers prior to the last one I posted.I just didn't get the pics of it posted first. I LOVE how she decorated it and most of all..I LOVE that she gave it to ME!!! :) I have it sitting on my scrapbook cabinet so I can see it ALL the time while I am scrapping or making cards etc. I LOVE having a TALENTED daughter! :)

Robby's (youngest son's) birthday was Friday..and I was invited to join them ( Robby,Liz ..his wife..Melisa..her sister and Zander ..Melisa's baby boy) at Shogun's Japanese Restaurant for lunch again this year. I have pics and hope to have some layouts done really soon showing our time there.:) The cook wasn't as entertaining as last year..but the food was fantastic. Zander couldn't get enough of it and was practically climbing out of the high chair to get more.LOL Too funny!!

Thanks for stopping in again and for leaving lovely comments for me.I really LOVE your visits!!



Judy said...

wow that Christy is so talented..and mom is so proud ...she has your talent Val...have a great week and see you for Mojo Monday


smiekeltje said...

The box is soo sweet! Oh Happy Belated birthday to Robby LOL!
I never had the experience to have a Japanese meal. But I did hear from people around that it is very tasty.
Nice to read you all had a great time at the restaurant.
Have to hurry a bit now to get my blogpost done, so till later again.
Have a great day