Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mixed Media Art Card - Home Is Where The Heart Is

Christy (DD) sent this to me on Facebook and I thought you might like to see it I have a LONG way to go on my card making. Please grab a coffee or tea etc..and sit back and watch this.You will be amazed!! SO COOL!!



Judy said...

wow Val do you think you and me will ever get tot there ...that is so neat she created everything and put it together...talented.

have a great weekend


Notes by Nina said...

holy cow, that card is amazing and must have taken hrs to build it is a work of art. Thank you do much for sharing the video.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay Valinda,

LOL - ummm thats WAY too much time to invest into one card methinks though I totally admire the artist and thing its fantastic.

Its not any better than Christy can do - she's INCREDIBLE and I can't wait till she creates some cards. I think she should consider taking some of her paintings, printing to photo paper and incorporating to cards :)

Hope you are having a terrific weekend.