Monday, September 26, 2011

Another card:)

I have been wanting to try a gate card and finally got one done.:) It took a couple of days to figure out what I wanted on the the plain side. What I didn't want was is for it to BE plain.:) I finally found what I wanted this evening. YAY!! Jim really likes it.:)

Hope you ALL had a great weekend.:) Time for Mojo Monday now!! Well..not now..prolly tomorrow.LOL



Notes by Nina said...

Valinda, this is beautiful. Very nice, I love all those pearls. Pop on over to my blog, I have an award I am passing on to you :)

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay Valinda,

Thanks for the pie info - sounds nummy... and your card is pretty delicious to look at too!

I will, I WILL catch up with you again soon.

will will will

♥ Barb

Samantha said...

Your card is beautiful Valinda! you did a beautiful job.
Can't wait to see your Mojo :)