Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleepy Time Layout :)

Gaye's ADORABLE kit!! I LOVE IT!! :) You can get it from her store..
  • HERE
  • ...or visit her blog
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    Here is the layout I made using
  • Gaye's
  • COOL designs. I thought of the ZZZZZander (which is short for Alexzander ..which is his name..and what we all call him.) the last minute and just HAD to match her letters the best I could..using her paper and then a border around the edges. I am really happy with the way this turned out.It's SOOO easy when you have practically everything else done for you.:) Thank you Gaye for making such CUTE kits for us.!!!

    Thank you for stopping in and please don't leave without letting me know you were here.:)


    With All I Am (By Hillsong)

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Mojo Monday # 208

    I am going to start making Christmas and Winter cards. Those are my Favorites.:)


    Most everything came from atd Scrapbook Pad - Bloc de Recortes Tabletye De D'ecoupures

    The gems are Micheal's Rhinestones.

    I added the glitter around the edges of the trees...and embossed the upper left and lower right card stock paper with a snowflake design from Cuddlebug.Christy inked it for me so the snowflakes would show up better.I am LOVIN that technique.:)

    Thanks so much for looking.:)


    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    I got an AWARD!! :)

    I received an award from my dear friend
  • Nina
  • ..who makes GORGEOUS cards and inspires us to try that much harder to improve on our skills.:) Please take a moment or two to visit her blog and see her cards so you.. too.. can be inspired!!

    Thank you sooo much Nina for including me in being a receiver of this COOL award.:)

    If you would like to pass this blog award on to others, simply follow the directions below:
    1. Thank the giver and link back to the blog who gave it to you.
    2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
    3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
    4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
    5. And most of all, HAVE FUN!

    Well...I have to say that the same ladies that Nina excluded...hehe..have inspired me too.:) I get so many ideas and learn so many new techniques from them telling us how they did their cards..designs ..etc.Thank you ladies!!

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  • Barb
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  • Samantha
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  • Neti
  • Monday, September 26, 2011

    Another card:)

    I have been wanting to try a gate card and finally got one done.:) It took a couple of days to figure out what I wanted on the the plain side. What I didn't want was is for it to BE plain.:) I finally found what I wanted this evening. YAY!! Jim really likes it.:)

    Hope you ALL had a great weekend.:) Time for Mojo Monday now!! Well..not now..prolly tomorrow.LOL


    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Clear Stamp Storage :)

    I was needing a way to organize my clear stamps a couple of months ago and asked Christy what I could do.She suggested base ball card inserts. They work perfectly for the smaller clear stamps like Studio G. You have to adjust the size of the stamp covers(the clear plastic that is on the front and back of the stamps to keep them from sticking to stuff) KWIM? I cut the top of the paper that shows what company made them and slip it behind the I will be able to tell which one when I leave credits for them. I also cut a white card stock to place between the front and back to separate the two stamps that fit in the one slot.:) Whew..this isn't easy to explain.LOL Any way...I can fit two sets of stamps into each card slot ..(facing back to back with a white card stock between them).This way..when I open the book..I see the front side of the stamps selection and when I turn the page...there is a whole other set of stamp selections.KWIM? For the larger stamps ..Christy gave me some page covers for a three ring binder.:) You can see that in the top photo. The stamps shown loose are the $2.00 specials I got from Big Lots.They have a home in this book also.:)
    I was really fortunate to find an extremely LARGE three ring binder book from Goodwill.(they have the larger ringed ones most of the time) It has the huge rings and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.:) It also has two sets of slots on the inside covers ..front and back. I slid some of the larger sets of stamps into those.
    This is only the clear stamps I have gotten throughout my many travels to Micheal's Craft store and Hobby Lobby and their dollar bins and 40% off sales.LOL I need blinders when passing those.hehe This is not to show you all the stuff I got..but how I was able to store them and easily pick out the ones I want to use at any time.:)

    What ways have you come up with to organize your craft items? I would LOVE to know.:)

    I can remember when the kids were younger and times were hard..that Jim would give me six dollars a week to go to the thrift stores to spend any way I wanted to. :) That was my "fun money"...and I LOVED getting it.:) I had always wondered how people could fill their cupboards with so many nice dishes and glasses..bowls etc. Well..I learned that most of the time you can get really NICE ,inexpensive things from the thrift stores and flea markets and all they needed was a good cleaning.No chips on them etc. It took a while to get the cupboards filled and these days..I am in need of more cupboard space.:) It was soo FUN to go searching for the things to fill my a treasure hunt.KWIM? Each week was like a new adventure. :) stamp collection accumulated in the same way.It took a while but I had such FUN looking for the ones I didn't have already.:) The prices have gone up to $1.50 a piece this last my adventures will slow down now.:)


    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Christy's New Box :) LOVE IT!!

    Christy made another box!! Isn't it GORGEOUS? She LOVES the paper she used and wanted to make something special out of it. I tried really hard to have her put it on display with my stuff..but no go. LOL I told her she could line the drawer with felt or velvet and make one of her handmade pendants for me and give it to me for Christmas.:) Don't you just love those feet and drawer handle? SOO COOL!!

    Thanks for stopping in!!! Please don't leave without letting me know you were here.:)


    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Mojo Monday #207 Christy's and Mine :)

    The card above is Christy's "first" Mojo Monday card. She did it all by herself. Well..I was in the room doing my card while she was doing hers.:) I think she did an EXCELLENT job on it!! She added some glitter to it and did some of her own designs with a silver or white marker pen.She did a lot of distressing with her special inks etc. I tried to get her to post it to her blog..but she said her blog is a I can put it on mine.:) I do it with pleasure!! I will have to find out all that she used and then post it later.It's after eleven and my bedtime.:)

    This is mine. I told Christy that you can pretend I did a handmade sewing job around the edges since it turned out a little messy.LOL I used some papers that were laying around loose from their I can't tell you who made them. The sentiment and jack o lantern is from The Paper Studio's All Seasons Chipboard Bundle. Christy let me use some of her spider web boarder stickers.I don't know who made those either..but if you just HAVE to know..I can find out.:) I used a clear stamp for the spider.Will find out more about who's designs they are and add to my post.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Happy Birthday Barb (Mrs.Miles)!!

    Today is my dear friend Barb's
  • Mrs.Miles
  • birthday. This is the fastest way I know how to get a card to her today.:) It's a digital card using ADB designs Daybreak mini kit. and a button from K-Josscraps Daybreak mini kit. The font is Amazone BT. The top pic is the outside cover of the card and the bottom is the inside which conveys Jim and my wishes for a WONDERFUL day for her!!:) Please take a minute to go wish her a Happy Birthday by clicking on the link!! Thanks!!:)

    To Barb..

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love,
    Valinda :*)=kiss on the cheek!!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Christy's Completed Picture!

    Christy's Newest Art Work! :)

    Here is the beginning Sketch Christy first showed me.

    The second Sketch she added volume to her hair and added clothing and a few shadows.:)

    This is what she said about the last pic ..when she posted it to Face book....

    "using colored pencils to color her...started working on the hair, but resigned for now because I'm not happy with the color...but like the eyes" :)

    All I can say is...WOW! I Love to see her creative side in action!!:)

    On another note...
    I finally have the dining room table cleared of paperwork!! YAY! Now it's just my scrapbook and card supplies etc that I use most of the time. :) I still have the closet to organize again. Seems that is a never ending job..but today I have plans with Jimmy (oldest son) and Christy.(DD) to go see a movie. It's Tuesday and at the local NCG theater ..only $6.00 all day.Unless it's a 3D..then it's nine.:) If..they haven't gone up since my last visit there.:) Gotta start getting ready for my day...


    Friday, September 09, 2011

    Taking a couple of days off.:)

    Good morning:)
    I am SOOO behind in organizing my paper work. You know..filing receipts and putting papers in the proper files in the filing cabinet..throwing away junk mail...although I have gotten better at that! I have started going through my mail at the trash can.hehe ..but lately...I have had sooo much going on that I haven't had the time to do anything much except take the bills out.KWIM? I was able to go through a small amount the other day and throw away some outdated coupons and old newspapers that our local town mails out. (info about activities that are going on around town) which are interesting if you get the time to examine the paper.LOL * Note to self..put newspaper next to the toilet..LOL TMI? *snort!
    I just really need to concentrate a couple of days on doing some of those type of things..or I am gonna have to call in some help..JK.:) I am not a paperwork type of person...when I was a Bakery Manager..the hardest part for me was to sit down and do the paperwork.I know it's an important part..very important..and I did it..but would much rather be out in the Bakery...baking and decorating cakes! LOVED getting into that part.:) I worked in the Bakery for seven years and a couple of those later ones I was a Bakery Manager. When they closed the store I was working in..(Ingle's grocery chain was moving out of the state of Georgia and closed down most of the smaller stores)... they transferred me into one of the mega stores (because that was the only place left for me since they had already transferred employees from the previous stores that closed down.) again...something I had a hard time doing since the main freezers were on the opposite side of the store and I couldn't keep walking back and forth to them to get and put the products from/in them etc...because of my bad ankle. This was the same store I had quit from..because I couldn't keep up with the walking part.( Every afternoon when we came home from work...Jim would have to get a large pan of hot water for me to soak my foot and ankle in ..just to relieve the pain a little). There were a lot of tears and I finally had to just quit. It wasn't Jim making me was me..I LOVED what I did.:) That creative part of know? :)
    I didn't want to be bored staying at home and had asked the Lord to help me ..not to be bored.That is when I discovered digital scrapbooking!!!:) Then I discovered that I really liked the paper scrapping and card making etc too... so I didn't miss the creative part of me..I just moved it into a different area.:) I don't think I have had a boring moment since.hehe make this short..TOO LATE!! :) I am planning to make myself do this other..uncreative stuff and do some sorting...and what better time to do it..than when Mojo Monday is taking a break. :)
    Be back soon!!


    Tuesday, September 06, 2011

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!! :)

    Today is my oldest son's 37th Birthday.WOW do I feel old.LOL I am gonna be a busy bee making cheese cake with cherry pie filling on top (his request) and a Birthday cake for those who can't eat cheesecake (Christy is lactose intolerant. Bummers! ) He also requested Taco Salad and to have the whole family over to eat it with him. Sure hope I got enough stuff for it.:)

    We had some major storms come in yesterday but most of the damage was done to the east of us. We got wind and rain mostly.Our electricity didn't even go out. Praise the Lord!! Robby..our youngest son and his family spent the evening with us during the storm.:) It's really nice to know where your kids are during bad weather.:) There was a report of a tornado touching down in our town by the college...but I don't see any news about it yet.
    Here's a link to our local online news ...if you would like to see a slide show of the damage in our area.
  • storm damage

  • Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)


    Thursday, September 01, 2011

    Mixed Media Art Card - Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Christy (DD) sent this to me on Facebook and I thought you might like to see it I have a LONG way to go on my card making. Please grab a coffee or tea etc..and sit back and watch this.You will be amazed!! SO COOL!!