Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Mojo today.:(

Well..I had thought I was gonna get a card done for this weeks Mojo Monday..but Christy was off of work today and we ended up shopping again.:) Christy said they should know her by name when she walks into Micheal's Craft store now.LOL We actually went to several places.Big Lots,Dollar Tree then WalMart..then Micheal's.Then home..where Jim was already waiting for me to get there.He suggested going out to grab a bite for supper so he and I went to Shane's Rib Shack and got bbq pork sandwiches.mmm.:) Christy wasn't hungry yet..so she opted to stay home.

I will be missing in action for a little while tomorrow.Gonna get another tooth pulled.:( I am NOT looking forward to it either...the last one hurt for almost two weeks.OW!! This one is a back bottom tooth that isn't needed cause it doesn't have a top tooth for chewing purposes.Just there...and decaying. Then..when it heals ..I will get some impressions made for a partial to fill the gaps that the lack of teeth have made.I think there will only be four teeth in the bottom partial.Guess I should be happy..some people my age and even younger have lost ALL of their teeth. :(

I have no idea how I will feel the next couple of days..but if I do feel better..I would really like to try making this weeks card.It looks interesting.:)

Thank you to those who left a comment on Christy's painting.She has done a couple more paintings too.:)

Well..folks...gonna go get some rest before they yank my tooth out.LOL

Huge hugs,


smiekeltje said...

The painting by Christy looks sweet!
Oh, poor girl, another tooth is leaving you LOL!
Hope it willnot hurt so much as the other one! Good luck!

Judy said...

yes dentist not my favorite place either...so take a deep breath ...and pray lots andthen it will be a piece of cake. Then you will be Mojoing around and make two awesome cards. If you don't get a chacne my friend there is always the next week ... we love you and pray the best for your today at the dentist.