Friday, August 19, 2011

Mojo Monday #204

Well...I FINALLY got another Mojo card done!!YAY!! :) This was one I hurried on so I could get it posted.Kinda spoils the meaning of the card huh?LOL Hopefully next week's will go a LOT easier ..if my back doesn't go out and my teeth don't need pulled.LOL

I thought I would do something different and I used
  • Gaye's
  • It's Raining Fun kit. It's so CUTE and I got permission to use it on my cards!!:) Thank you Gaye!! How SWEET!! I just LOVE her creations!!

    First I printed out some of her papers that didn't have rain drops and cut them to fit the page where I wanted them.Then I used my new Silhouette SD machine to cut out her CUTE elements.That sure was a piece of cake too..since Christy likes to pull them off of the sticky paper.hehe I wrote the sentiments with my own handwriting..which BTW ..isn't that great!! The tags were so small that I needed to write on it.You know those people that say your own handwriting adds a LOT to the pages...well...they haven't been here to see mine yet.LOL

    Everything on this card is made from
  • Gaye's
  • kit.... except the writing and the gems and the background card stock...which is an off white.Oh..I did use pop dots to make some of the elements stand out.:)

    As usual..the photo doesn't do it justice.:)

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend my friends!!



    Samantha said...

    Oh my Valinda! Your card is soooo cute :) Love the little snail and the ladybug in the cute.
    Great job and i'm very happy to see you were able to get a Mojo done after all of the dis-comfort you have been dealing with.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and i look forward to seeing your Mojo next week :)

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hi Valinda,

    YAYYYYY - you used your Silhouette!!! I am SO way proud of you. Love Gaye's sweet kit - doesn't this open up a whole new world? I am looking forward to connecting with you very soon.

    ♥ Barb

    smiekeltje said...

    You've made a sweet card, the elements are really CUTE! Good girl, you worked with your new machine, proud of you LOL!
    Hope your will be feeling okay very soon again.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Judy said...

    love the card ...that machine is awesome ...and so is Gaye kit. You made it girl and did an awesome jo ...see you Monday maybe we will connect on yahoo...


    BlueCat said...

    Very cute card beautifully done! Love that kit too.

    xashee's corner said...

    HUGS! thank you for being such a caring friend!! will definitely keep you updated!!
    so GLAD your wisdom tooth is out! ouch!! and REALLY glad you have a great dentist...that's truly important!
    LOVE your card! since my hand's been numbing & pinky is ALWAYS numb, i havent done much in way of crafts at all. :( pain in chest mucsle & arm is gone since taking percocet but now i itch like a junkie (guess that's what opiates do) hopefully this will all work out well soon & i can get back to life ;) been better part of three years now, it's been one muscle or another...time for it to be done! harumphh!(folding arms) hehe
    anyways THANK YOU! honestly, it means sooo much! xoxoxox

    Notes by Nina said...

    This card is adorable, I love the snail but all the other details are also wonderful. Thank you so much for all you wonderful comments and visits to my blog, they make me smile.