Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Resemblance.:)

I kept saying to people ..that Tom (my brother) looked so much like Grandpa Cunningham and I would get a funny look really???? Well..thought I would stress the point a bit.LOL Do you agree..he is a chip off the old block?:)

I put this on Facebook and those that saw it and commented..agreed with me.:) I LOVE being right.LOL

I used Laney Coppercurls paper and
  • Barb Derksen's
  • Dove overlay.
    I can't remember who made the glasses..but I made the lenses and the rest of the elements.The font is Park Avenue.:)

    Most of you know my friend Barb as
  • Mrs.Miles
  • and I know she would LOVE to have you stop by for a visit.She has recently opened a freebie vault with her past and current freebies too.:)Stop in..say hi and stay a while!!



    smiekeltje said...

    Nice to know, when you are right, hey???? ROFL!
    But they really do look much alike.
    Hope your back is again a bit better?
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Samantha said...

    Well yes i agree with you...they really do look alot alike.

    Thank you for stopping by and i hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and hey maybe the two of us will get a Mojo up again next week...considering we're the ones falling behind :)


    Mrs. Miles said...

    Aww - thank you for the toot Valinda! Between you, Judy and Nina I should be world famous by now haha!

    I agree, the rellies look the same - funny how that goes. When you put an actual photo side by side it's easy to see.

    I look forward to nattering with you online one of these days very soon!

    All my ♥

    Judy said...

    wow picture sure can show have close we can look to another ...hope the back is doing ok. Are you busy learning lots and getting ready for Mojo Monday with a stuff from your new machine? Have a great weekend my friend and thanks for always stopping by ...I love it .


    LilyBelle said...

    Val, this is a gorgeous page and I can certainly see the resemblance between the two gentlemen. Also, thank you for visiting and commenting on LilyBelle Scraps. It's been very quiet there since I stopped posting download links for freebies so it's especially nice when long-time visitors take the time to say "Hello."

    Hope you are feeling well.