Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christy's Newest Painting

One is without flash and the other with. Imagine an in -between and you will get close to what it really looks like.:) I am sooo proud of Christy's talent and creativity! Like I have said before ..She can do just about anything she puts her hand to!:)

Thanks so much for stopping by..and please don't leave without letting us know you were here!:)

Now to get my Mojo going!!:)



Samantha said...

Great job Christy on you painting it is beautiful.
Val you are so right about your daughter she seems to do a great job at whatever craft she gets into and she does them all very well. She's a natural for sure.

Looking forward to seeing your Mojo so i will check back a little later.

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.


Judy said...

that Christy is so talented...wow. Can't wait for the Mojo card ...have a wonderful day ...