Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful Cards from Friends :)

These are BEAUTIFUL cards from..my dear friend Barb (Mrs.Miles) (top) and my dear friend Nina (Barb's sister) (bottom). Thank you both SOO much for sending these to me.It was such a WONDERFUL surprise!! Both of these will remain VERY SPECIAL to me!! The cards and friends!! :) Links to their blogs and more photos of their GORGEOUS cards are in my sidebar.
I hate to keep having to tell you that the photos don't do them justice. One day I WILL figure out how to make them look just like they do on my side of the camera.:)

I haven't done a Mojo Monday card yet.I have been spending the day with my two eldest kids.(Jimmy and Christy) We went to Micheal's Craft store and then to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. My youngest son came by to pick Jimmy up and waited for us to finish eating.... so they could run some errands together. Christy and I continued our shopping at Hobby Lobby and then we came home and played with her Cuddle Bug and my Silhouette SD machines. We are now waiting for a pizza to be delivered for supper.:) I seem to be a busy busy bee lately.

Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)



Mrs. Miles said...

Ohhhh save a piece of pizza for meeeee! I'm a little pizza hound.

Ha, it only took me three months for me to get your parcel to you, sheesh. so glad you liked everything.

I will catch up with you soon, my friend. Keep playing with your Sil!

Love you,

smiekeltje said...

How nice of your friends to send you these cards. Those little surprises make the world look a bit happier for a moment, isn;t it?
Raining here at the moment, but it still is early, hopefully later on today the sun will get through. We have little plans in our head.
Have a great day

Notes by Nina said...

Really Really behind, and going backwards :) I am happy that you like your cards. Barb and I had such fun creating these with you in mind.

manic724 said...

I do just started in digital scrap for a year or so now but do love your work I am not able to do it due to hand problems but yours is absolutely beautiful,I used to quilt and all the DIY stuff if I still could I would surely love to follow your example it is amazing .I think yours is a great place to stroll even if I cant do it though.