Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mojo Monday #206

I added this pic of my card from my Iphone. It takes a lot better pic than my new camera.Go figure.LOL This is more like the true colors than the one below. I may have to start uploading Iphone pics for my cards until I can figure out how to get true color from my camera.:)

Here's my Mojo Monday on a Wednesday card.hehe I used Krista's CUTE Buttercup kit.I LOVE IT! :) My photo does NOT do it justice.It is really much cuter than this. If you want to see just how much cuter it is..please click on her name in my side bar.:)

I used Krista's papers and printed them out on my printer.Then used my Silhouette SD cutting machine to cut out the bird,butterflies,flower and scallop design under the bird. I got some half pearl stick ems at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's and placed them where needed. I then made some corners and used my decorative scissors to put a cute edge on them.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tim Holtz Paper Roses with your Cricut

I was asked how I made my rose on the card ... in my last post. I watched this video and did my own touches to it.I am sure after some practice I can make roses that look as nice as hers.:)

I used my Silhouette SD cutting machine instead of the Cricut.

Hope you make lots of pretty roses using this video!! Enjoy!!:)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mojo Monday #205

Yay!!! I finally got one done.:) I have been trying out paper flowers and my Silhouette SD cutting machine. I made both the rose and the scalloped circle from my Silhouette machine. I cut the flowers out and then manipulated them into the rose shape..added some glue and glitter and I LOVE it...and you can't beat the crisp cutting of the Silhouette machine on that scalloped circle.Oh..I made the leaves by using my decorative scissors.Also the cover of the card on the right edge.:) The embossed paper under the scalloped circle is done using one of the embossing plates on Christy's (DD) Cuttle bug machine. I LOVE embossing and you will most likely be seeing more of it from me from now on.:)
The ric rac ribbon is from: ribbonFX
The orange ribbon is from Micheal's Craft store.
The string is from Big Lots Dollar bin
The papers are from my stash of loose paper pieces and I can't tell you right now what company made them. Sorry.:(
I am a frugal crafter so a LOT of my supplies are from sales and dollar bins and things people have given to me through the years. I always say..if you can do it "cheaper"..why not?:)

On a side note....I adjusted the rose and moved it over to the right a hair so it would be in the center of the circle... after seeing it on here.:) Close your left eye and maybe it will look like it.LOL Got ya!! I tried it too..*snort!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beautiful Cards from Friends :)

These are BEAUTIFUL cards dear friend Barb (Mrs.Miles) (top) and my dear friend Nina (Barb's sister) (bottom). Thank you both SOO much for sending these to me.It was such a WONDERFUL surprise!! Both of these will remain VERY SPECIAL to me!! The cards and friends!! :) Links to their blogs and more photos of their GORGEOUS cards are in my sidebar.
I hate to keep having to tell you that the photos don't do them justice. One day I WILL figure out how to make them look just like they do on my side of the camera.:)

I haven't done a Mojo Monday card yet.I have been spending the day with my two eldest kids.(Jimmy and Christy) We went to Micheal's Craft store and then to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. My youngest son came by to pick Jimmy up and waited for us to finish eating.... so they could run some errands together. Christy and I continued our shopping at Hobby Lobby and then we came home and played with her Cuddle Bug and my Silhouette SD machines. We are now waiting for a pizza to be delivered for supper.:) I seem to be a busy busy bee lately.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mojo Monday #204

Well...I FINALLY got another Mojo card done!!YAY!! :) This was one I hurried on so I could get it posted.Kinda spoils the meaning of the card huh?LOL Hopefully next week's will go a LOT easier ..if my back doesn't go out and my teeth don't need pulled.LOL

I thought I would do something different and I used
  • Gaye's
  • It's Raining Fun kit. It's so CUTE and I got permission to use it on my cards!!:) Thank you Gaye!! How SWEET!! I just LOVE her creations!!

    First I printed out some of her papers that didn't have rain drops and cut them to fit the page where I wanted them.Then I used my new Silhouette SD machine to cut out her CUTE elements.That sure was a piece of cake too..since Christy likes to pull them off of the sticky paper.hehe I wrote the sentiments with my own handwriting..which BTW ..isn't that great!! The tags were so small that I needed to write on it.You know those people that say your own handwriting adds a LOT to the pages...well...they haven't been here to see mine yet.LOL

    Everything on this card is made from
  • Gaye's
  • kit.... except the writing and the gems and the background card stock...which is an off white.Oh..I did use pop dots to make some of the elements stand out.:)

    As usual..the photo doesn't do it justice.:)

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend my friends!!


    Wednesday, August 17, 2011


    My wisdom tooth has finally been pulled!!! It took a while ( an hour or more) for the Dentist to see me ...and only about fifteen seconds for him to pull it! :) He said "I told you I was good !! He's right!!! Hehe

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    No Mojo today.:(

    Well..I had thought I was gonna get a card done for this weeks Mojo Monday..but Christy was off of work today and we ended up shopping again.:) Christy said they should know her by name when she walks into Micheal's Craft store now.LOL We actually went to several places.Big Lots,Dollar Tree then WalMart..then Micheal's.Then home..where Jim was already waiting for me to get there.He suggested going out to grab a bite for supper so he and I went to Shane's Rib Shack and got bbq pork sandwiches.mmm.:) Christy wasn't hungry she opted to stay home.

    I will be missing in action for a little while tomorrow.Gonna get another tooth pulled.:( I am NOT looking forward to it either...the last one hurt for almost two weeks.OW!! This one is a back bottom tooth that isn't needed cause it doesn't have a top tooth for chewing purposes.Just there...and decaying. Then..when it heals ..I will get some impressions made for a partial to fill the gaps that the lack of teeth have made.I think there will only be four teeth in the bottom partial.Guess I should be happy..some people my age and even younger have lost ALL of their teeth. :(

    I have no idea how I will feel the next couple of days..but if I do feel better..I would really like to try making this weeks card.It looks interesting.:)

    Thank you to those who left a comment on Christy's painting.She has done a couple more paintings too.:)

    Well..folks...gonna go get some rest before they yank my tooth out.LOL

    Huge hugs,

    Christy's Newest Painting

    One is without flash and the other with. Imagine an in -between and you will get close to what it really looks like.:) I am sooo proud of Christy's talent and creativity! Like I have said before ..She can do just about anything she puts her hand to!:)

    Thanks so much for stopping by..and please don't leave without letting us know you were here!:)

    Now to get my Mojo going!!:)


    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Family Resemblance.:)

    I kept saying to people ..that Tom (my brother) looked so much like Grandpa Cunningham and I would get a funny look really???? Well..thought I would stress the point a bit.LOL Do you agree..he is a chip off the old block?:)

    I put this on Facebook and those that saw it and commented..agreed with me.:) I LOVE being right.LOL

    I used Laney Coppercurls paper and
  • Barb Derksen's
  • Dove overlay.
    I can't remember who made the glasses..but I made the lenses and the rest of the elements.The font is Park Avenue.:)

    Most of you know my friend Barb as
  • Mrs.Miles
  • and I know she would LOVE to have you stop by for a visit.She has recently opened a freebie vault with her past and current freebies too.:)Stop in..say hi and stay a while!!


    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Mojo Monday #203

    Well..I finally got a card done for Mojo Monday.YAY! It really does look better than the pic shows.It's much brighter and the colors are soo pretty.:) I can't tell you what paper I used..because they were from my stash that had no info on them. The background scallops I made from Fiskar's punches. The little flowers with the gems I made using a flower punch from The Paper Studio.The stamp is from Studio G clear them at Micheal's along with the pink dotted ribbon.The butterfly is from Dollar Tree.The circle scallop (with the sentiment on it)..I made using my new Silhouette SD machine.I FINALLY had some time to play with it.

    Jim and I spent some time this evening learning and trying out a few things. I now have a couple of pages worth of circle scallops...and have been able to cut out some of the CUTE elements I have collected through the last few years.No..I did not cause my new machine to smoke from over work.LOL Just tried a few things to see how to set the system up to cut them out for me.:) I think once I learn ALL it can do ..I am really gonna LOVE it!!

    Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)


    Sunday, August 07, 2011

    Update again.:)

    Hello friends:)
    Just wanted to give you an update on my back. I am still moving around slowly. I am not bed ridden any more..YAY..but am avoiding bending down or leaning over etc.My back muscles are still a bit weak and protest if I stand or sit too long. Hopefully it will get better day by day and soon I can get back into my regular routine...whatever that is.LOL There is soo much I want to do and am having to put it on the back burner.:( Pretty soon I will need another stove if I don't start catching up.hehe
    My dear friend (Mrs Miles) told us (on her in sidebar) about a new cutting machine she had gotten and Jim ...who treats me like a me one for our Anniversary!! How COOL is that?:) Problem is..I can't spend as much time learning about it cause I have to get back on the ice pack too often.I am gonna watch You Tube video tutorials though and by the time I get better..I should have a bit more knowledge under my belt.YAY!! It's really a COOL machine and once I learn it..I will be able to have IT cut out all the CUTE elements and flowers etc..that I have collected ..and even doodles!! It's perfect for my cards and Hybrid projects..paper scrapping etc. it does a lot more than just paper too.It does fabrics!! If you would like to read and see more about it..please visit Mrs Miles blog.(link in sidebar) The machine is called Silhouette SD. I know I will surely feel the expected excitement about it..when I am actually able to spend more time with it!! Oh....and out of pain!:)
    Mrs.Miles has been a HUGE help in getting me introduced to it and she has even offered cut outs to go with the png files for those who don't have the machine....on her blog.SWEET!!!:) Thank you so much my friend!!

    Jim is such a HUGE help soon as I told him I wanted one..he went exploring about it and spent a LOT of time online watching tutorials he could help me to learn it quicker.The company has a download that you can get ...before you ever even receive the machine..and it is just like the program.You can learn every step you need to know...before you receive your machine!!! COOL!! I am still gonna pick my dear friend..Mrs. Mile's brain though..cause she has "on hand" knowledge of how to use it!!:) I think she is just as excited for me to learn it as she was!! What a FRIEND!!:) I would love to be a fly on her wall!!LOL

    I am gonna be testing my back out this evening.Jim and I didn't get a chance to celebrate our 40th Anniversary last Monday because of my back trouble.He asked me if I thought I could sit long enough to get that yummy steak from
  • Texas Roadhouse for supper this evening...I am definitely gonna try it out. We can always get it to go if I decide I can't sit there long enough.Right? :) They sure make everything look yummy on that ad page.LOL ..but it IS that Yummy!!! :)
  • Monday, August 01, 2011


    Happy 40th Anniversary Jim!! I didn't think it was possible to love you more each day ...but I was wrong!!!:)