Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just stopped in to let you know that Jim and Christy are on vacation from work this week. We are staying close to home this time..but we did go to the Georgia Aquarium again yesterday. It's air conditioned and we could sit and rest anytime we wanted...which for Jim and me...that was a plus!:) They have a dolphin show now which is something we haven't seen before.No pics of it though.The rules video or pics of any kind.:( Guess if you want to see have to come to Georgia!!LOL
Other than that....I do have some pics I am gonna sort through and maybe post so you can see them.:)
Jim spent the first few days of his vacation resting his back. It always goes out after he does inventory and has to climb up and down on the ladder all day.:( It seems to be a bit better we were able to actually go somewhere and do something...and since the Aquarium is a short distance from where we live..we thought that would be a good place to go. It took us quite a while to get there since we took the interstate and there was an accident that held traffic up.We knew an alternate route so took that.Evidently others knew that route too.LOL We finally made it there and then the trip back home was SLOWWWWW because it was after four when we decided we had gone as long as we could...and traffic is awful at that time of day with everyone getting off of work and trying to get to the interstate. Even where I live it is too busy to be out on the roads during work closing hours if you don't have to be....let alone in the heart of Atlanta!!!! :) That is an experience we don't like to repeat...EVER!!LOL
I will try to get a few pics posted as soon as I can.:)



smiekeltje said...

Hello Val
Sorry I didn't leave you a little word earlier, I am a bit ashamed.
Seems you had a great time at the aquarium, and a smart choice for an outing. In a rather nice temperature and even be able to sit here and there when necessary.
It's really a pain to be on the road at beginning and ending of working hours, here the same thing, specially the part of Holland we are living. We have no car, so we are lucky :LOL.
Sometimes it should be nice to have a car, but we don;t miss it really, and if we are really in need of one, we always can ask my friend to drive us, or even some other friends.
It must be nice to have Jim and Christy around all day. Hope Jim's back is better again!
Now you ejoy the weekend all together.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

Tis wonderful to hear your man and dd took a (I'm sure well-deserved) rest. We all need this. In fact, I may be commenting but really, I'm not. *snort* I'm not here, I'm vacationing too. Hope Jim's back is better, better than this I'm praying it is!

Looking forward to your aquarium pics! (hint)

Catch up with you soon.

♥ Barb