Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's been a busy weekend so far and seems to be continuing right through.:)
Thursday sister called to see if I wanted to go to lunch with her on Friday. ( her day off) and I of course said yes...cause we hadn't seen each other for a while. We talk on the phone when we can..but it's just not the same as sitting across the table eating and enjoying catching up on the happenings in our lives.:) It was a really nice leisurely lunch and I don't think either of us were in a hurry to call an end to it. She wasn't in a big hurry to get back to reupholstering a chair.hehe She had already done one and knew the challenge of completing another just like I took advantage of that time and just relaxed and enjoyed it.:) That afternoon Robby and family came over and we ordered Chinese food and watched movies.

Yesterday ..Christy had been asked to baby sit Zander. He is my DIL's sister's baby.Such a sweet little guy.I can't believe he is already seven months old.WOW!! :) He has a smile for anyone who wants one...and I want one any time he wants to give one.hehe He was really good for Christy and Christy did an EXCELLENT job of taking care of him.:) Robby( our youngest son) and family are on vacation this week but mostly staying around town...swimming etc..except they had tickets to
  • Medieval Times
  • and didn't want to take Zander (Alexzander)with them because of the dust and noise that he would have been exposed to. They came in late(after ten) to pick him up and decided to stay the night ..cause they want to go with us to see the new Transformer movie in 3D today and decided they might as well spend the night.:) I have never been to the Medieval Times dinner show...but several members of my family have and loved it.:) Jim is a bit concerned about going where horses are running around ..kicking up dust while he is trying to eat dinner.LOL Liz..DIL..said there isn't much dust...which in his book..means..there IS dust.LOL
    The whole gang are going to the movie today..(Matinee time) so I can guess at least one whole row of seats will be mostly taken up.LOL Jim has a rule..if it's 3D..he's gotta see.:) I have heard this is the best of the Transformer movies...I will let you know.hehe
    Tomorrow is Mojo Monday again.Not sure if/when I will have time to make a card..but you can be sure..if I do..I will post it.:)
    Hope you have a GREAT rest of the weekend.:) Gotta get started making the pancakes..which for this size crowd is the easiest breakfast..besides toaster waffles.LOL



    xashee's corner said...

    sounds like ur having a great time! u deserve it!! thank you for ur sweet comment & concern! funny how attached one can get to someone they never met, but u r always in my prayers too! much love, Val!! have a Super Sunday!! xoxo

    xashee's corner said...

    God Bless you Val!!! and YES that's a GREAT idea bout the chiropractor!! there is nothing that i can think of that could have damaged anything. i have been mostly told to 'keep resting' most of this year, for one thing or another. heck, it's been the last 3 years now. all started with torquing my back when we went on our first & ONLY vacation (AZ trip). on top of it all, we have the stress of hubby not being able to find work. he even put in an app, online, for a job in NV. we are ready to get out of the desert. we love it but too hard on EVERYTHING, with intense sun & constant winds. altho' oddly enough, while so many states are 100 degrees or more right now, our highs are 94 LOL go figure, huh?
    well, i will definitely keep ya posted and thanx again for the great suggestion!! much love!! xxoxo

    Judy said...

    where is my Valinda hiding ...boy girl are you ever busy...hopw you have a relaxing weekend


    LilyBelle said...

    Just stopping by to wish you Good Morning and a happy weekend. Last weekend was really busy for you but sounds like you had a great time.