Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mojo Monday #201

Well..it's not the best card I have ever made..but at least I have one.LOL Don't you just love those embellishments that are already made for you? They sure come in handy when you are in a rush.:)

Papers= ki Memories Designer paper pad and DCWV the Spring Stack
Ribbon = Micheal's value ribbon
Tag = Studio 18 Dimensional Stickers
Flower =Dollar Tree
Smiley Button= Big Lots or Micheal's.Don't remember which.:)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

$2.00 sale at Big Lots

I love a sale!!!:) Christy and I went to Big Lots first today and we got quite a few things for only $2.00 a piece... including Ocean Spray Cranberry juice 64 oz size.:) I got four and they are the ones with a September sell by date on them. You have to watch and make sure the dates are on them cause there were quite a few that the dates had mysteriously disappeared on. Just sayin! :)
Christy has one more day of her vacation left after today. It's been really great to have both Jim and Christy off at the same time.Jim had to go back to work today though.:( Guess it will be back to the old grind after tomorrow ... Hey ...Jim is off again on Wednesday!!! COOL! :)
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

This is a pic of an Otter "fleaing" another Otter.:) It was fleaing the other Otter..while the other Otter was fleaing it at the same time.:) The pic I took of the two of them together turned out blurry.:(

This is an Albino Alligator. It didn't much care if we took a pic or not.It wasn't gonna move!!:)

This is one of the saddest looking fish I have ever seen.Guess it's all dressed up and nowhere to go.:(
Jim said this is either a stone crab or spider crab.Not sure and we can't remember what the sign told us.
A Swordfish and a Shark swimming side by side. This is in the tunnel. LOVE this!

This is in the Big Aquarium room.One whole wall is glass so you can see the fish etc swimming right up in front of you.:)

We had a nice leisurely time just walking around the Aquarium and watching the different species of fish etc.:)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just stopped in to let you know that Jim and Christy are on vacation from work this week. We are staying close to home this time..but we did go to the Georgia Aquarium again yesterday. It's air conditioned and we could sit and rest anytime we wanted...which for Jim and me...that was a plus!:) They have a dolphin show now which is something we haven't seen before.No pics of it though.The rules were..no video or pics of any kind.:( Guess if you want to see it..you have to come to Georgia!!LOL
Other than that....I do have some pics I am gonna sort through and maybe post so you can see them.:)
Jim spent the first few days of his vacation resting his back. It always goes out after he does inventory and has to climb up and down on the ladder all day.:( It seems to be a bit better now..so we were able to actually go somewhere and do something...and since the Aquarium is a short distance from where we live..we thought that would be a good place to go. It took us quite a while to get there since we took the interstate and there was an accident that held traffic up.We knew an alternate route so took that.Evidently others knew that route too.LOL We finally made it there and then the trip back home was SLOWWWWW because it was after four when we decided we had gone as long as we could...and traffic is awful at that time of day with everyone getting off of work and trying to get to the interstate. Even where I live it is too busy to be out on the roads during work closing hours if you don't have to be....let alone in the heart of Atlanta!!!! :) That is an experience we don't like to repeat...EVER!!LOL
I will try to get a few pics posted as soon as I can.:)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's been a busy weekend so far and seems to be continuing right through.:)
Thursday ..my sister called to see if I wanted to go to lunch with her on Friday. ( her day off) and I of course said yes...cause we hadn't seen each other for a while. We talk on the phone when we can..but it's just not the same as sitting across the table eating and enjoying catching up on the happenings in our lives.:) It was a really nice leisurely lunch and I don't think either of us were in a hurry to call an end to it. She wasn't in a big hurry to get back to reupholstering a chair.hehe She had already done one and knew the challenge of completing another just like it...so I took advantage of that time and just relaxed and enjoyed it.:) That afternoon Robby and family came over and we ordered Chinese food and watched movies.

Yesterday ..Christy had been asked to baby sit Zander. He is my DIL's sister's baby.Such a sweet little guy.I can't believe he is already seven months old.WOW!! :) He has a smile for anyone who wants one...and I want one any time he wants to give one.hehe He was really good for Christy and Christy did an EXCELLENT job of taking care of him.:) Robby( our youngest son) and family are on vacation this week but mostly staying around town...swimming ..shopping etc..except they had tickets to
  • Medieval Times
  • and didn't want to take Zander (Alexzander)with them because of the dust and noise that he would have been exposed to. They came in late(after ten) to pick him up and decided to stay the night ..cause they want to go with us to see the new Transformer movie in 3D today and decided they might as well spend the night.:) I have never been to the Medieval Times dinner show...but several members of my family have and loved it.:) Jim is a bit concerned about going where horses are running around ..kicking up dust while he is trying to eat dinner.LOL Liz..DIL..said there isn't much dust...which in his book..means..there IS dust.LOL
    The whole gang are going to the movie today..(Matinee time) so I can guess at least one whole row of seats will be mostly taken up.LOL Jim has a rule..if it's 3D..he's gotta see.:) I have heard this is the best of the Transformer movies...I will let you know.hehe
    Tomorrow is Mojo Monday again.Not sure if/when I will have time to make a card..but you can be sure..if I do..I will post it.:)
    Hope you have a GREAT rest of the weekend.:) Gotta get started making the pancakes..which for this size crowd is the easiest breakfast..besides toaster waffles.LOL


    Thursday, July 07, 2011

    Mojo Monday # 198

    This card was NOT easy.:) I tried several things and decided to try just ONE more time.LOL This is the end result.

    So much going on around here.July 4th holiday and Robby and family over for the weekend...then it stormed again and family came back over because their electricity tends to go off during storms and it's too hot in their home to close the windows to keep the rain out with no air conditioning.:( I can't blame them one bit! It's fun having everyone here at one time spending the night.:)
    Yesterday we had the air conditioner inspector come by our home to make sure their company had installed the new air conditioner unit correctly. ( the old one had used up all of it's days).The results are...they will have to come back in a few days to redo a couple of things because they got the drain hose too tight to let much water out and this could cause the drain to back up and we would end up with water on the floor. Can't have that can we? :) You know..I got to thinking...which I do quite often.hehe...that if they inspected their work before they left...they wouldn't need an inspector to come back and check things...right?:) Maybe that is a good thing though ..cause they didn't even plug up the hole ..for the wires etc...that led from inside the garage to the outside unit...and the drainage hose that was going outside..was bent in half and not much water could get through.So...the inspector is gonna make them completely replace that whole hose. Yay for inspectors!! :) I am just glad I don't have an inspector come behind me when I clean the house.*snort!!!

    Paper=atd Candy Blossoms paper pad
    Ribbon=Disney Fairies Tinkerbell-green..has glitter in the ribbon
    Disney Princess-yellow..has glitter in the ribbon
    Stamp is from Micheal's dollar bin and I colored them with colored pencils ( Prismacolor Verithin)
    Heart spatters..I believe are from Big Lots.I can't remember the name of the company.
    Flower and metal stitching is from Dollar Tree.
    Buttons were a gift and Gems are from Micheal's.:)

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    Monday, July 04, 2011

    Mojo Monday #197 -another late post.:(

    Another late post for Mojo Monday.:( I had this card finished yesterday morning except for the
    bow.I had to get the right color that I wanted. Can you believe I have oodles of ribbon..but when it comes to finding the right one for the card I just made...it's a no-go.:( Better organization..I know.:) Find all the pieces I want for my card..and then assemble....live and hopefully learn.hehe
    I am still having problems getting the colors on here to be the same colors as the card is.KWIM? This is as close as I can get. To let you understand a little better.The background paper ..under the card...is white.YES it is!!!:) The card is a light greyish blue with a medium purple card stock.I got the stamp from Micheal's craft store...and the flower from the Dollar Tree. The ribbon I got from Walmart. 47 cents a roll. Can't beat that.:) Same thing I was paying a dollar for at Micheal's.... Again..live and learn.LOL The paper is from sbw Scrapbook Wizard-Mega Pack.
    Oh...the little tiny black dots in the upper right corner...are glitter. Really! They won't show up when you want them to and do show up when you don't want them to. :) I thought I had gotten them off of there!
    Now to get busy on this weeks Mojo Monday.:)

    Thanks so much for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)