Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you!! :)

I want to Thank every one of you who have left well wishes for me.HOW SWEET!! :) I am doing a lot better where my back is concerned.I got it adjusted and after a couple of days of being sore ...things seem to be doing okay. My neck was way out and after getting it back in and it staying in place..there's no more problems so far.:) As far as my tooth being pulled and the after affects..well....it still hurts.Not sure what is causing the pain..but hopefully it is just needing more time to heal. The Dentist did a LOT of wiggling of the tooth to get it out of there and in the process..tore the gum a little towards the inside. I will be most grateful when it heals up all the way.:) I am hanging on to that phrase my Daddy always said in situations like this."This too shall pass.":)
We had a wonderful weekend.Robby (youngest son) and family came to our house Saturday afternoon and then spent the night.We all got up early Sunday morning (Father's Day) and went to the Golden Coral for their breakfast buffet.mmm.:) They are only open for breakfast on the weekends...and Robby had to work Saturday morning and wanted to buy Jim's breakfast as a gift for Father's Day.:) Christy had the day off and Jimmy had to go to work at eight p.m. which left him the day to enjoy with us.:) Jim wanted to go to the flea market after that and we sure needed the exercise after that buffet.LOL After the flea market we decided to get some rib eye steaks to grill for supper and Robby and family came back to our house to spend the rest of the evening with us. They left to go home around seven thirty.It was really nice having them here ..and Jim and Robby had a really nice Father's Day.(them both being Daddy's). I was worn out yesterday and couldn't get enough sleep .Seemed like every time I sat down..I would fall asleep.:)
I didn't make a mojo monday card this last week.I started one..but just didn't feel up to thinking about what I wanted to do. Fuzzy headed I guess from the anti biotic and the pain pills. Hopefully I will feel better this week and be able to get one done.:)
Thanks again for stopping in and leaving such SWEET comments for me.They are VERY much appreciated.:)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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Judy said...

awww...glad to hear things are starting to heal and you are feeling a bit better. Can you beleive it me with a Mojo Card up on a Monday ...wow what is this world coming to. But my friend I am glad you are feeling better and might even get a Mojo card up this week. Sounds like Father's Day was awesome ...Jim deserves it ...God Bless you both.
(thanks for stopping by...I love it)