Monday, June 06, 2011

Ga. Renaissance Festival +Praise Report.:)

Our Greeters at the entrance to the Festival

Inside the Festival grounds

The King announcing the start of the Joust


The WINNER!!! :)

If any of you were wondering where I was yesterday..well..HERE.:) Christy has been wanting to go to the Renaissance Festival for most of the Summer.Yesterday was the very last day for it to be open this year here in Georgia. So..we got up early yesterday morning ...left the house at 8:00 a.m. and started our day traveling the hour it takes to get there from our home. We stopped at the Iron Skillet for a breakfast buffet ...then traveled on to the park..with a slight detour to the airport.Jim went left instead of right.hehe Christy and I are not the greatest navigators either...we were relying on the GPS on our IPhones.LOL So..we backtracked on the right course after a quick trip through the airport parking area a ticket to open the gate....then drove through the exit ramps..presented our ticket and opened the exit no cost to us.:) Nope..that's not the praise report...although it could be another one for the day.LOL Finally got to the Festival and got our tickets.We were surprised that they only cost us $19.95 a piece.We were expecting something like $35.00 apiece ..cause most recreational parks charge that...Nope..that's not the praise report either.LOL We had a really great time although is was HOT...93 degrees. I will try to have more pics to show you tomorrow.:)

Now to the praise report!!
Those of you who have been visiting my blog and know that I have a really bad ankle with a metal plate and seven screws..know..that I am in pain...ALL the time. I have had to resort to getting an electric wheelchair at Walmart etc..because I can't make it around the store without my ankle just about killing me. ...well...I knew going to the Festival would involve a LOT of walking and I sure didn't want to disappoint Christy and have to leave sooner than she would when I got up to potty around two thirty and I was concerned about my ankle ..cause it was hurting..I just stopped and prayed and asked the Lord to make it so it wouldn't hurt me and that I would be able to make it through the trip ...and I used the scripture verse..that I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens may not believe this..but it HAPPENED!! My ankle did NOT hurt me ALL day while I was there.I even mentioned it to Jim and we together KNOW this was not the norm.Especially since I have always ..since I broke it..been especially careful of rocky..gravely and hilly areas..cause it makes my ankle twist and turn and is a constant irritant to it. Well..let me tell you..we walked and walked and walked until the calves of my legs and thighs were protesting and almost refusing to take me any where else.:) Still no pain in my ankle!!! We stayed until we were too hot to stay any longer and we were ALL ready to go back home. We stopped for supper at Folks restaurant..and came home after that.It was around 7:00 p.m. As soon as my foot hit the driveway in our ankle was back to the usual.I had FINISHED my trip!!LOL The bones in it ground together and if you have ever bitten down and had your teeth hit wrong and slide off of each other..that is how it feels.OWWW!! I PRAISE my Lord for helping me to enjoy the day and for not spoiling Christy's FUN day!! Thank you Jesus...MY FRIEND!!! :)

I believe in DIVINE healing ...I have been instantly healed so many times..that it is impossible..not to believe in it.:) I believe one day I will have a complete healing of my ankle.:)If you don't believe in won't look for it.KWIM? Believe's REAL!!

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Judy said...

what an awesome Lord we have ...He knows are needs and meets them in the time that is right. I am so glad you had a great time and Christy was ale to have her mom with her through the whole fun day. Well girl it is Mojo Monday do you think we will make it ...have a great week.


Mrs. Miles said...


Valinda I am so happy for you - I know this has happened with my heel too, so know you feel. You are favored and that is amazing. Soooooooooo excited!

Love your photos and can't wait to see your mojo!

Love, Barb

PS - yes, will connect with you soon, now I am on the computer more.

Marlena M. said...

Praise God, He is an ON TIME God, isn't He? :)
Thanks for stopping and saying HI...I may give that card to my aunt, who was not there when my Grandma passed away. I think she would be blessed. Take care! ;)