Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Don't Try This At Home!! Seriously!! :)

THIS has GOT to hurt!!:) This is only one of the stunts she did.:)

I would NOT want to be the girl under those knives.Would you?:)

This guy's feet are on a bed of nails. Some people will do ANYTHING for attention.LOL I think they have the perfect spot to perform..if you read the sign in the back.hehe

Need I say more?:)

Just a few of the daring stunts that were performed for our entertainment and some donations to their buckets.:) It's a living.LOL

These are from the Renaissance Festival here in Georgia. The very last day of the Festival for this summer.

I was really surprised at the language they were allowed to use..etc. Guess they wanted to make it as authentic as they could.Not somewhere I will be excited to go back to...but I do have good memories about my ankle NOT hurting me.:) If you don't know what I am talking about..scroll down to my last post.:)

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