Saturday, June 11, 2011

Denim and Daisies BB album :)

This is Jim and Jimmy working the pond area in the front yard.Jim must be explaining something to Jimmy in this one.:)

This is of the last concrete step that needed to be done before and after pics.:)

This is the patio Jim constructed and completed.:)Freedom LOVES it!! We do too!!:)

This is the start of the steps on the opposite side of the patio.

Freedom LOVES to sit outside while Jim works.She sees him put his work clothes on and from that moment on..she is his shadow.LOL

I got these brag book pages from Just So Scrappy ( link in sidebar) I believe she still has the links up to some of her ADORABLE brag book pages etc. You really should take a look and see if there are any you would LOVE to collect.:) I had to re-size these because they were 5x7 and I wanted 4x6. for my brag books I have collected to fill.:) Parts of the whole page are sometimes missed when I do be sure to go see and collect the original ones.:)

Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:)



Judy said...

I love that kit I remember when you first used it ...then I had to go buy it. You did an awesome job with you brag book. What a man you have in Jim ...God Blessed you both when He joined you two. Now to relax with freedom ...Jim put those feet up.


smiekeltje said...

Great pages! Your Jim has done a delightful job!
I am very jealous of your Hostás alongside of the patio! I always loved to have a few in my garden, but till now I am not really succesful, the snails love them too much LOL!
But in autumn I will collect some cutlings from Heidi and will try to grow them in pots. May be the snails don't like to work to hard to clipmb up the pots.
Just bought me a thrilling book, started it yesterday, sitting in the garden and today it looks as ifthere will be some sunshine again, so I am looking forward to read a bit more.
Have a wonderful weekend
P.S. Give a good cuddle to Freedom from me!

Mrs. Miles said...

OmGosh Valinda - your yard is looking like a paradise - just WAIT till Mr and I retire haha, we coming DOWN THERE to have a BBQ with you!

Woo hoo!

Love the way you scrapped it all - the brag books are the ticket, aren't they?

Love you

Notes by Nina said...

Fabulous layouts, the yard looks great.

neti's fine crafts said...

Very nice!!
Never seen this one befor!
Thx for sharing!