Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mojo Monday #195

I am about to catch up on the Mojo Monday cards.:) Hope to be ALL caught up before Sunday night so I can enter into the contest before closing.I don't ever expect to win..but LOVE to see all the entries anyway. VERY inspiring.:)

This is a close up of my card.They always look nicer in person.:) I made the leaves and flowers from card stock papers I got from Micheal's craft store. I inked the flowers to add some texture to them. I stamped the birthday cake which included the candles and colored them with colored pencils (Prismacolor Verithin) The Happy Birthday stamp and the birthday cake stamps were from stamps I got in the dollar bin at Micheal's too.
I folded the center paper to add dimension to it and now wish I had just left it alone... because It looks unfinished on the edges and I had to glue them down...which really spoiled the effect I was looking for.LOL
I see a few tweaks I need to do to straighten the ribbon etc...I will do that before I use it.:) I must really love these colors too because I had already started this one and before finishing it..did the Pooh card next...then back to this one today.:)
I feel better about catching up anyway...even if it was backwards.:)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moj Monday #196 -Catching up.:)

Okay...I know I missed this last weeks Mojo Monday card on the due date..but better late than never. That's my story and I am sticking to it.LOL I don't know if I will have time to do week before lasts and this weeks.Jim came home from work sick today.:( Light headed and upset tummy. I think he has what I had a couple of weeks ago.It only felt better when I would eat. Hey..if you have to be sick..that is the kind to get.LOL

I have had this set of Winnie the Pooh Disney stickers for quite a while now and have been trying to find something to use them on. I got these for one dollar at The Dollar Tree. The flower is from there too.I just folded a couple in half and put a clip I had gotten from a set at Staples on it. Instead of clipping it to the card..I clipped it to the flower and used a couple of big glue dots to hold it onto the you could actually open it and read what's inside.:) The papers ..I think are from sbw Scrapbook Wizard Mega Pack. Don't hold me to that though.LOL The tag is from Walmart . and I wrote "Sweeter than honey " on it myself.:)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you!! :)

I want to Thank every one of you who have left well wishes for me.HOW SWEET!! :) I am doing a lot better where my back is concerned.I got it adjusted and after a couple of days of being sore ...things seem to be doing okay. My neck was way out and after getting it back in and it staying in place..there's no more problems so far.:) As far as my tooth being pulled and the after still hurts.Not sure what is causing the pain..but hopefully it is just needing more time to heal. The Dentist did a LOT of wiggling of the tooth to get it out of there and in the process..tore the gum a little towards the inside. I will be most grateful when it heals up all the way.:) I am hanging on to that phrase my Daddy always said in situations like this."This too shall pass.":)
We had a wonderful weekend.Robby (youngest son) and family came to our house Saturday afternoon and then spent the night.We all got up early Sunday morning (Father's Day) and went to the Golden Coral for their breakfast buffet.mmm.:) They are only open for breakfast on the weekends...and Robby had to work Saturday morning and wanted to buy Jim's breakfast as a gift for Father's Day.:) Christy had the day off and Jimmy had to go to work at eight p.m. which left him the day to enjoy with us.:) Jim wanted to go to the flea market after that and we sure needed the exercise after that buffet.LOL After the flea market we decided to get some rib eye steaks to grill for supper and Robby and family came back to our house to spend the rest of the evening with us. They left to go home around seven thirty.It was really nice having them here ..and Jim and Robby had a really nice Father's Day.(them both being Daddy's). I was worn out yesterday and couldn't get enough sleep .Seemed like every time I sat down..I would fall asleep.:)
I didn't make a mojo monday card this last week.I started one..but just didn't feel up to thinking about what I wanted to do. Fuzzy headed I guess from the anti biotic and the pain pills. Hopefully I will feel better this week and be able to get one done.:)
Thanks again for stopping in and leaving such SWEET comments for me.They are VERY much appreciated.:)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have had a few rough days and have slowed down some on blogging. Here's why...Some of you know that I fell up the stairs a little over a week ago.I was bringing groceries into the house when ...right at the last step onto the main floor...Christy's cat ran right in front of me and my body was already headed to the top floor.:( I fell hard on both of my knees...hands full of grocery bags....and gradually my back became out of alignment.All the way to my neck and I started having headaches again.So....I went to the Chiropractor Monday and he adjusted me.I felt much better after that but was soo sore..I rested and kept ice on my back and neck. I took it easy on Tuesday.
Before the trip to the Chiropractor...I had been getting some much needed Dental work done.I had an appointment with the Dentist yesterday and it was decided to pull the bad tooth...and then eventually....after it heals...get a partial that will fill all the gaps (have had a couple other teeth pulled before) on the bottom row.:) I was told..since I get dry socket really baby it yesterday and to not bend forward or allow my blood pressure to go up. This would keep the blood clot from coming loose and coming out of the socket.Which is what a dry socket is. Jim is THE BEST thing that has happened to me besides Jesus saving me.:) He wouldn't allow me to do ANYTHING yesterday after the tooth was pulled.:) He made a casserole and an apple cobbler for our supper (with a few instructions) and even served it to me.:) Every time I would get up to do something...he would tell me I am suppose to be resting.... "I'll do that". He even cleaned the kitchen up and got the dishes running in the dish washer for me. Every time I would get the mirror to see how my socket was looking..he would say "Leave it alone"!! Bossy thing!!!!LOL He told me he just didn't want me to get dry socket. How SWEET is that? :)
The gum hurts some today from the tooth being pulled..but so signs of a dry socket!! YAY!! :) Thank you LORD!! and my honey too!!:)

If you got this far ...thank you soo much for taking the time to read...that means you are interested in what I have to say....and that means a LOT to me.:)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Denim and Daisies BB album :)

This is Jim and Jimmy working the pond area in the front yard.Jim must be explaining something to Jimmy in this one.:)

This is of the last concrete step that needed to be done before and after pics.:)

This is the patio Jim constructed and completed.:)Freedom LOVES it!! We do too!!:)

This is the start of the steps on the opposite side of the patio.

Freedom LOVES to sit outside while Jim works.She sees him put his work clothes on and from that moment on..she is his shadow.LOL

I got these brag book pages from Just So Scrappy ( link in sidebar) I believe she still has the links up to some of her ADORABLE brag book pages etc. You really should take a look and see if there are any you would LOVE to collect.:) I had to re-size these because they were 5x7 and I wanted 4x6. for my brag books I have collected to fill.:) Parts of the whole page are sometimes missed when I do be sure to go see and collect the original ones.:)

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mojo Monday # 194

The Dentist office moved my appointment up an hour, so I was able to finish this card.Plus..getting up early helped too!!:)
This one will cover just about any occasion that calls for a Congratulations. LOVE those!!

Papers= DCWV Summer Stack
Ribbon and bow= Spool o' Ribbon
Flowers= Dollar Tree
Gem in flower= Micheal's Craft Store..dollar bin

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Don't Try This At Home!! Seriously!! :)

THIS has GOT to hurt!!:) This is only one of the stunts she did.:)

I would NOT want to be the girl under those knives.Would you?:)

This guy's feet are on a bed of nails. Some people will do ANYTHING for attention.LOL I think they have the perfect spot to perform..if you read the sign in the back.hehe

Need I say more?:)

Just a few of the daring stunts that were performed for our entertainment and some donations to their buckets.:) It's a living.LOL

These are from the Renaissance Festival here in Georgia. The very last day of the Festival for this summer.

I was really surprised at the language they were allowed to use..etc. Guess they wanted to make it as authentic as they could.Not somewhere I will be excited to go back to...but I do have good memories about my ankle NOT hurting me.:) If you don't know what I am talking about..scroll down to my last post.:)

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Ga. Renaissance Festival +Praise Report.:)

Our Greeters at the entrance to the Festival

Inside the Festival grounds

The King announcing the start of the Joust


The WINNER!!! :)

If any of you were wondering where I was yesterday..well..HERE.:) Christy has been wanting to go to the Renaissance Festival for most of the Summer.Yesterday was the very last day for it to be open this year here in Georgia. So..we got up early yesterday morning ...left the house at 8:00 a.m. and started our day traveling the hour it takes to get there from our home. We stopped at the Iron Skillet for a breakfast buffet ...then traveled on to the park..with a slight detour to the airport.Jim went left instead of right.hehe Christy and I are not the greatest navigators either...we were relying on the GPS on our IPhones.LOL So..we backtracked on the right course after a quick trip through the airport parking area a ticket to open the gate....then drove through the exit ramps..presented our ticket and opened the exit no cost to us.:) Nope..that's not the praise report...although it could be another one for the day.LOL Finally got to the Festival and got our tickets.We were surprised that they only cost us $19.95 a piece.We were expecting something like $35.00 apiece ..cause most recreational parks charge that...Nope..that's not the praise report either.LOL We had a really great time although is was HOT...93 degrees. I will try to have more pics to show you tomorrow.:)

Now to the praise report!!
Those of you who have been visiting my blog and know that I have a really bad ankle with a metal plate and seven screws..know..that I am in pain...ALL the time. I have had to resort to getting an electric wheelchair at Walmart etc..because I can't make it around the store without my ankle just about killing me. ...well...I knew going to the Festival would involve a LOT of walking and I sure didn't want to disappoint Christy and have to leave sooner than she would when I got up to potty around two thirty and I was concerned about my ankle ..cause it was hurting..I just stopped and prayed and asked the Lord to make it so it wouldn't hurt me and that I would be able to make it through the trip ...and I used the scripture verse..that I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens may not believe this..but it HAPPENED!! My ankle did NOT hurt me ALL day while I was there.I even mentioned it to Jim and we together KNOW this was not the norm.Especially since I have always ..since I broke it..been especially careful of rocky..gravely and hilly areas..cause it makes my ankle twist and turn and is a constant irritant to it. Well..let me tell you..we walked and walked and walked until the calves of my legs and thighs were protesting and almost refusing to take me any where else.:) Still no pain in my ankle!!! We stayed until we were too hot to stay any longer and we were ALL ready to go back home. We stopped for supper at Folks restaurant..and came home after that.It was around 7:00 p.m. As soon as my foot hit the driveway in our ankle was back to the usual.I had FINISHED my trip!!LOL The bones in it ground together and if you have ever bitten down and had your teeth hit wrong and slide off of each other..that is how it feels.OWWW!! I PRAISE my Lord for helping me to enjoy the day and for not spoiling Christy's FUN day!! Thank you Jesus...MY FRIEND!!! :)

I believe in DIVINE healing ...I have been instantly healed so many times..that it is impossible..not to believe in it.:) I believe one day I will have a complete healing of my ankle.:)If you don't believe in won't look for it.KWIM? Believe's REAL!!

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

My New Great Niece with her older sister.:)

We have a new member of our family.:) This is my Great Niece, Mattie and her new little sister, Phoebe. Phoebe was born June 4th at 3:20 a.m. Congratulations on your fourth child to my Niece Brianne and her husband Ronnie!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Whew!! The hurrier I go the behinder I get.LOL Better late than never..but then..I am not REALLY late...just a bit delayed.:) I made another card but didn't like started another one I like a lot better.:) This is it!! I didn't have any idea when I first started this that I was going to use the smiley ribbon and the smiley element in the center of the flower...but it just came together and went with the word art.:) Sorry about the quality of the photo.Guess that's just the way it's gonna be until I can figure out what I am doing wrong.:)

The light striped papers are from GCD Studios..Rose Colored Glasses Collection.The dotted one is from an open stock paper at Micheal's Craft Store. I got the"Special Value" smiley ribbon from Micheal's too.The dimensional Sticker in the center is from Mary Engelbreit. Those are soo CUTE!!:)

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