Thursday, May 05, 2011

More LO's from Big Shanty Festival.:)

This is a layout I made using LilyBelle's train kit. These are some of the kids from our local dance studio performing for us on stage.They were really good too.:)There are two stages through out the festival with live performances.:)

This is a QP that I used that LilyBelle (link in sidebar) made last year for her train kit.These are just perfect for the photos on our Big Shanty Festival. The arts and crafts were scattered all over every street in downtown Kennesaw.:)

I used parts of LilyBelle's train kits from 2009 and 2010 and intermingled them in this layout.The frame cluster is from DR Stapled Cadres. I made the puffs of smoke coming out of the train on my PI paint program.

Here is another Layout I made using LilyBelle's train kit. I made the musical notes to add to it. This is from my middle Grand daughter's music program (fifth grade class) they had on stage during the festival. Lexi is pulling her hair back from her face.:)

Here is more of Lexi's class.She is the one in the far left of this photo. They sang about the things we can do to save the environment. :)

I knew exactly what I would use Lindsay Jane's ( link in sidebar) cluster frames for when I saw them. This is various pics of the kids during the concert.:) All of these are from LilyBelle's train kits...except for the cluster frames. Thanks to all of you for sharing your hard work with me.:)

Well..other news....Jim and I had Dentist appts yesterday and if felt as though we had spent just about all day there. Jim had a nine o'clock appt to get two teeth he can have a partial made for his bottom teeth and also had a tooth filled. I had an appt. for eleven ..just after his....and had a tooth filled too. It took three shots to get my mouth numb. :( So we were pretty much..down in the mouth..hehe all the rest of the day. I ended up with a headache to go with it.:( We are both feeling much better this morning.YAY!! Jim has to eat mushy stuff today.(soft foods) I want a steak!!LOL JK.;)



Judy said...

love the the train kit is still available to get a hold of my grandson Ethan loves trains. OOooo the dentist ... not my first choice ...three needles awwww.
Thank you stopping by have a great day.


LilyBelle said...

Oh my, Val, you made my kits look really good. Thanks for letting me know they were here. I love to see my designs in action. :)

Mrs. Miles said...

Fabulous layouts Valinda! What a great way to showcase the fun event - and your friend's kit is beautiful.

Dentist, hmmm? Sheesh at our age we go through all that pain and they don't give us a ring or NUTHIN!! Remember when you were a kid and they gave you one of them gorgeous fake rings? Costs so much too these days you'd think they would give us a REAL diamond ring. *snort*

♥ Barb