Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Big Shanty Layouts :)

I found a newspaper article about Leon Thomas's (the star of Nicelodeon's hit show...Victorious) visit to our town during the Big Shanty Festival. Click on pic to read article.:) My grand daughters were SOOOO excited when they found out he was there.:) They just HAD to get a pic of themselves with him. I on the other hand..had to ask who he was and why were they so excited to see him...because I don't normally watch Nickelodeon when I don't have children around.hehe

I used LilyBelle's train kits from 2009 and 2010 again.Her kits were perfect for these layouts..since the Big Shanty is the name of the train that our town celebrates every year.:) I was asked if LilyBelle's train kits were still available and I don't think they are as of a month or so ago. Design Pirates had been at their business again..and LilyBelle took all the links to her lovely free kits down. So sad.:( Last I heard she is trying to figure out how to be able to continue with the freebies without the Pirates grabbing them up as fast as they can.

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smiekeltje said...

I would to have to ask to about this star at Nickolodean. We have it here too, but I never watch it, hahaha.
I think they call that the generation-gap, LOL.
Have a wonderful day

Notes by Nina said...

Wonderful layouts :)