Monday, May 16, 2011

Mojo Monday #191

Well...I thought I would try a hand at this weeks Mojo by myself.:) Christy helped me with the one further down this post and I really LOVE be sure to scroll down.:) This one was made using the pack of papers that I will have to try to find the cover I can give proper credit.:)

The little butterflies are something I tried from a flower punch and some stickers and I added the gems for the head and tail.:) I used a glitter marker to make the dotted flight pattern. The ribbon is from Details Accessories.The flower is from Dollar tree.The gems are from Studio 18 and Micheal's dollar bin.The tag is from WalMart and you can get them in the office supply section.I think there were a hundred in the package I got...and they are the perfect size for the cards!!:) The stamp is also from the Micheal's dollar bin.The ink is from Craft Smart (Lavender)
I wish I could take a really great photo of this card...cause it is a lot brighter and prettier in person. The off white colors in these photos are actually a really clean white.:) I promise!!LOL

I wasn't sure I would be able to get this card done today.I haven't been feeling well since during the night. Upset tummy.Nauseated ALL day.:( With Christy's help..again...we were able to finish it ...actually on a Monday.LOL It all started with Christy's Cuttlebug and her new gears die cut.:) I asked her to cut some for me and she used some soft brass metal. She first cut them out and then embossed them ...then antiqued them using alcohol ink. She used her heat gun to dry them quickly. She then handed them to me yesterday evening and I knew I wanted to use them on a card..but had no idea which one until I thought of Father's day.:)

I had some paper that had clocks and clock hands on it and I wanted to use it on this card for Jim...and since Christy helped with's from her too.:) I had the card completed except for attaching the metal works.I used pop dots to raise the clock above the background.Since she has enough stuff to start a craft store..she had the clock hands and attached them to the clock face with a brad.The hands actually turn. COOL!! :) The washer in the lower right corner..she used alcohol ink to stain it and then used another cool item she has which you can use a hammer and pound letters into a metal object.This says "LOVE" on it.

Christy used the same technique for these small washers and spelled out the word "DAD" on them. The arrow behind the clock face is metal tape again.She first drew the gear onto it and then antiqued it using the same technique with the alcohol ink.:) I really LOVE the way it turned out. Two heads are better than one in our household. ;) I keep trying to get her to join us...but she IS a way.:)

Thanks for stopping in and if I don't get to visit you for a day or know why.Oh my icky tummy!!! Hope it's only a 24 hr bug.:)

Hugs from a distance!!:)
Valinda is Tuesday and I still feel a bit queasy..but getting better.:) YAY!!


Samantha said...

Well you have gone and done it again. You did a wonderful job Valinda and Christy :) Both cards are great.
Hope you get feeling better Val. Looks like you were the only one this week to get your Mojo up...o far. I am looking forward to getting mine done this weekend as i am not home right now to get mine done.

Thank you for you wonderful visit...i do look forward to receiving your comments.

Have a great week Valinda!


Notes by Nina said...

Both cards are fabulous Valinda. That little flower is stunning :)