Monday, May 02, 2011

Almost finished concrete steps.:)

Jim has almost completed the steps going down the side of our house to the driveway.This is the patio he was working on last year.He got most of it completed but still has more to to the left of this pic. He plans....if his back holds make a hexagon concrete pad with a hexagon picnic table with attached benches.He showed the diagram of it to me yesterday.Whew..he sure has some major plans.LOL He decided against the campfire area and I like the idea of the big table instead.:) That doggy is Freedom after she was shaved for this summer.She looks soo different.:) My poor pup is going to be twelve years old this July. She has cataracts and I think she is losing some of her hearing...or her get up and go..has got up and went..cause she isn't active at all.She tore a tendon on her back left knee this winter when she fell down the icy stairs and did the splits.:( Vet said she had to lose weight so she would heal.That is the hardest part.She is almost twelve...hasn't been denied snacks from Jim mostly...LOL...I don't know who it is harder for..him or her.:( Good news is...she can use that leg ..but I don't think she will ever be the same.KWIM?
Yes..we now have two grills.:) Our old one still works..but Jim said it wasn't big enough for our Easter get together this year and he got the bigger one (we used both) for a really great deal.:) We had about thirteen members from the family here for hamburgers and hot dogs.It was really nice.The kids played on the patio and most everyone sat out in the backyard to eat and visit.

Here are the steps he did yesterday.They are dry but eventually they will turn to match the colors of the patio. Crossing fingers.LOL Jim will remove the forming boards soon.He has one more "step" to go to complete this side of the house. YAY!! I will have to show you the whole thing when he is finished with it.:) We live on a steep hill and it sure makes things easier with those COOL steps.!!

Now to finish cleaning my house..doing laundry and hopefully fit Mojo Monday in there somewhere. Lately it's been more like Mojo Tuesday or Wednesday.hehe

Have a fantastic day!!
Thanks for stopping in!! I LOVE your visits!!:)



Judy said...

wow that man of yours is so talented...could I borrow him. I must say Bare is a big help and I am very thankful for him. Can't wait to see the patio area done. Yes Mojo Monday and here I sit ...wish I know what colors to use this time. Have a great week ..I will be see that awesome card.


Notes by Nina said...

Very nice :). Lucky you, it will look fabulous when it is all done.