Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mojo Monday #192

Light box..light box...where did you go? Light box...light box...I need you so!!LOL

I FINALLY got around to making this week's Mojo Monday Card.Whew!! It was a very FULL week and I just did finish this card this afternoon before a birthday dinner/party. Came home..took pics of it and am now posting. The papers are from the open stock at Micheal's Craft store.They had a sale ....4/$1.00. I really love the white paper.It has a shimmer to it as you can see and I added the pretty textured ribbon and bow to compliment it.:) The paper flower ...I made from the background paper.Can't miss matching it that way ..can I ?hehe The stamp is from the dollar bin at Micheal's too...they really know how to get you with that dollar bin.:)

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Thank you Jesus!!:)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day..I know..I am late.:)

I wanted to share with you what the kids and Jim got me for Mother's Day. I know I am late with them..but the days just seemed to ZOOM by....except for this week. I got sick early Monday morning around three a.m. and it didn't let up for three or four days. You know when you get that virus that makes you nauseated and you need to eat to keep from feeling that way all day? Well...that's what I had.:( Sure hope that one decides to skip the rest of the family!! NOT FUN!!
Christy got this gift certificate for me and a beautiful card.:) I have already spent the whole thing cause she took me shopping with her too.LOL How do you like my copy of it?hehe

Robby and Jimmy got flowers for me.The bunch on the left is from Robby and the one on the right from Jimmy. LOVE them...although I have no idea what some of them are.Jimmy got a box of chocolates and made a card for me too.:) I painted out personal things that I didn't want everyone to my paint program!! Keep in mind this was Mother's Day and the house was full of people..and stuff.LOL

Jim asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day...and I said a sewing machine.:) Not a big huge fancy one ..cause I am not a seamstress by any means.Just one that had a few COOL stitches and that I could actually lift and carry by myself..This last request was very important to me..because..with my older one..ancient was SOOO heavy I had to have Jim or one of the boys carry it to the dining table..and back to the closet ...since all the rooms in the house are occupied one way or the other and there is NO room for a sewing machine to stay put for the ready.KWIM? He did me proud!!LOL I had the case from my old machine and this new one fit in it perfectly.:) I can carry it by myself and when I get a chance to actually sit down and see how it works...I will most likely LOVE it even more.:)
I saw this sewing kit in my files this morning and I KNEW just what I wanted to use it for too!!!:) It was perfect for a layout of my new sewing machine. I got the kit from Crazy 4 Monograms (link in my sidebar) If you haven't been to her are really missing a treat!! She has really CUTE kits and she just gave away a free set of alpha monograms.WOW!! You really need to go take a look.:)

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Big Shanty Layouts :)

I found a newspaper article about Leon Thomas's (the star of Nicelodeon's hit show...Victorious) visit to our town during the Big Shanty Festival. Click on pic to read article.:) My grand daughters were SOOOO excited when they found out he was there.:) They just HAD to get a pic of themselves with him. I on the other hand..had to ask who he was and why were they so excited to see him...because I don't normally watch Nickelodeon when I don't have children around.hehe

I used LilyBelle's train kits from 2009 and 2010 again.Her kits were perfect for these layouts..since the Big Shanty is the name of the train that our town celebrates every year.:) I was asked if LilyBelle's train kits were still available and I don't think they are as of a month or so ago. Design Pirates had been at their business again..and LilyBelle took all the links to her lovely free kits down. So sad.:( Last I heard she is trying to figure out how to be able to continue with the freebies without the Pirates grabbing them up as fast as they can.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mojo Monday #191

Well...I thought I would try a hand at this weeks Mojo by myself.:) Christy helped me with the one further down this post and I really LOVE be sure to scroll down.:) This one was made using the pack of papers that I will have to try to find the cover I can give proper credit.:)

The little butterflies are something I tried from a flower punch and some stickers and I added the gems for the head and tail.:) I used a glitter marker to make the dotted flight pattern. The ribbon is from Details Accessories.The flower is from Dollar tree.The gems are from Studio 18 and Micheal's dollar bin.The tag is from WalMart and you can get them in the office supply section.I think there were a hundred in the package I got...and they are the perfect size for the cards!!:) The stamp is also from the Micheal's dollar bin.The ink is from Craft Smart (Lavender)
I wish I could take a really great photo of this card...cause it is a lot brighter and prettier in person. The off white colors in these photos are actually a really clean white.:) I promise!!LOL

I wasn't sure I would be able to get this card done today.I haven't been feeling well since during the night. Upset tummy.Nauseated ALL day.:( With Christy's help..again...we were able to finish it ...actually on a Monday.LOL It all started with Christy's Cuttlebug and her new gears die cut.:) I asked her to cut some for me and she used some soft brass metal. She first cut them out and then embossed them ...then antiqued them using alcohol ink. She used her heat gun to dry them quickly. She then handed them to me yesterday evening and I knew I wanted to use them on a card..but had no idea which one until I thought of Father's day.:)

I had some paper that had clocks and clock hands on it and I wanted to use it on this card for Jim...and since Christy helped with's from her too.:) I had the card completed except for attaching the metal works.I used pop dots to raise the clock above the background.Since she has enough stuff to start a craft store..she had the clock hands and attached them to the clock face with a brad.The hands actually turn. COOL!! :) The washer in the lower right corner..she used alcohol ink to stain it and then used another cool item she has which you can use a hammer and pound letters into a metal object.This says "LOVE" on it.

Christy used the same technique for these small washers and spelled out the word "DAD" on them. The arrow behind the clock face is metal tape again.She first drew the gear onto it and then antiqued it using the same technique with the alcohol ink.:) I really LOVE the way it turned out. Two heads are better than one in our household. ;) I keep trying to get her to join us...but she IS a way.:)

Thanks for stopping in and if I don't get to visit you for a day or know why.Oh my icky tummy!!! Hope it's only a 24 hr bug.:)

Hugs from a distance!!:)
Valinda is Tuesday and I still feel a bit queasy..but getting better.:) YAY!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sidewalk completed.:)

This is a pic of the area Jim will be working on next.He plans a hexagon concrete pad and a hexagon picnic table with matching benches.I KNOW it will look really nice.:)

Our finished patio.:) You see the hedge in the background.It wasn't there a few years ago. Jim planted three bushy bushes..can't spell the that area so we wouldn't be able to look down the hill onto the neighbor's patio and they wouldn't be able to look up into our yard and observe everything we do. Makes it more cozy that way.:) LOVE IT!!

Last concrete step..finished yesterday.:) Jim plans a trellis and gate for this corner. (neighbors let their dogs run loose and there IS a leash law in our neighborhood) and they LOVE dumping in our yard..if you know what I mean.PU...LOL We have never had words with them about their dogs and when the trellis is up..that should take care of the situation.:) I have always loved trellis's anyway.LOL

Steps going down the side much easier than trying not to slip on the Georgia clay.:) After Jim completes the backyard projects..we will pressure wash the house and the deck and steps etc.No sense doing it right now ..seeing he has more mess to make.LOL

Christy has decided to try her hand at growing veggies etc.This is the beginning. She asked Jim to build her a place to plant carrots and beans and you see the "troth" at the bottom of the steps.There is a door to the right that leads into the garage and the water hose is right on the front corner of the house.Convenient for her.:) you know what we have been up to lately..besides Dental appts and now..Friday..we will have to replace the air conditioner...cause it is fifteen years old and the life expectancy for it is only twelve years.We got our money's worth.:)
It may be a while before Jim is able to complete that hexagon pad.We'll see.:) My Mom LOVES the steps up the side yard.That is the way she prefers to come into the house.Jim made the steps longer than most you only have to step up..or down..once in a don't need railing that way.:)

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Finally got my Mojo Monday card done.I tried something new.Metal tape.:) I embossed it with my Fiskar's Embossing set.Christy used acrylic black paint to fill it in and then wiped it off before it dried so it would just fill in the cracks and look antique. I chose to do a couple of things differently from the sketch.I put the sentiment on the middle of the card and not on the bottom right. Christy also made the paper rose a while back and gave it to me.I made the leaves from the paper in the background.
My Mom and sister had given me a bunch of buttons when I first started scrap booking and I was able to get a couple of cute black ones..even one was already black and white.How COOL is that?:) I just laced a thin black ribbon to it and tied a tiny bow.:) The two on the sides I just laced really thin silver wire ribbon and attached a glue dot to keep them in place.
The corners are made with the metal tape too and in person..they match the metal tape strip in the center of the card. The tiny metal heart spray,the word "LOVE".... and the shimmering dove are from Big Lots.They are for throwing on the table to decorate for weddings.I found several bags for different occasions..Valentine's shower...etc for only one dollar a bag.
The word art is from Faith Sisters.
As usual..the papers are from my loose stacks.I have no idea who makes them.So Sorry!!

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my friends and family.May you have a BLESSED day!!:)


Thursday, May 05, 2011

More LO's from Big Shanty Festival.:)

This is a layout I made using LilyBelle's train kit. These are some of the kids from our local dance studio performing for us on stage.They were really good too.:)There are two stages through out the festival with live performances.:)

This is a QP that I used that LilyBelle (link in sidebar) made last year for her train kit.These are just perfect for the photos on our Big Shanty Festival. The arts and crafts were scattered all over every street in downtown Kennesaw.:)

I used parts of LilyBelle's train kits from 2009 and 2010 and intermingled them in this layout.The frame cluster is from DR Stapled Cadres. I made the puffs of smoke coming out of the train on my PI paint program.

Here is another Layout I made using LilyBelle's train kit. I made the musical notes to add to it. This is from my middle Grand daughter's music program (fifth grade class) they had on stage during the festival. Lexi is pulling her hair back from her face.:)

Here is more of Lexi's class.She is the one in the far left of this photo. They sang about the things we can do to save the environment. :)

I knew exactly what I would use Lindsay Jane's ( link in sidebar) cluster frames for when I saw them. This is various pics of the kids during the concert.:) All of these are from LilyBelle's train kits...except for the cluster frames. Thanks to all of you for sharing your hard work with me.:)

Well..other news....Jim and I had Dentist appts yesterday and if felt as though we had spent just about all day there. Jim had a nine o'clock appt to get two teeth he can have a partial made for his bottom teeth and also had a tooth filled. I had an appt. for eleven ..just after his....and had a tooth filled too. It took three shots to get my mouth numb. :( So we were pretty much..down in the mouth..hehe all the rest of the day. I ended up with a headache to go with it.:( We are both feeling much better this morning.YAY!! Jim has to eat mushy stuff today.(soft foods) I want a steak!!LOL JK.;)


Monday, May 02, 2011

Mojo Monday #189

Yay..I got it done.:) Christy helped me with the suggestion of the staples and even put the two on the left side in herself.:) Thanks Christy!! I made the paper flowers a while back and then cut out the tag from a template.The "Love" is from a stamp in the dollar bin at Micheal's. I have soo many papers that the covers have been torn off I can't give proper credit for them. Sorry.:( If I had known I was gonna start doing the Mojo Monday ..I prolly would have made sure to keep them for the credits.:) I used a brown ink pad (Stamp Craft) to stain the string.
I still don't have a light box to take the pics with so this is as close as I could get to the real thing by using my Photo Impact Paint program. It sure looks a lot better in person.:)

Thanks for stopping by and if you have time..scroll down to see what Jim did yesterday.:)


Almost finished concrete steps.:)

Jim has almost completed the steps going down the side of our house to the driveway.This is the patio he was working on last year.He got most of it completed but still has more to to the left of this pic. He plans....if his back holds make a hexagon concrete pad with a hexagon picnic table with attached benches.He showed the diagram of it to me yesterday.Whew..he sure has some major plans.LOL He decided against the campfire area and I like the idea of the big table instead.:) That doggy is Freedom after she was shaved for this summer.She looks soo different.:) My poor pup is going to be twelve years old this July. She has cataracts and I think she is losing some of her hearing...or her get up and go..has got up and went..cause she isn't active at all.She tore a tendon on her back left knee this winter when she fell down the icy stairs and did the splits.:( Vet said she had to lose weight so she would heal.That is the hardest part.She is almost twelve...hasn't been denied snacks from Jim mostly...LOL...I don't know who it is harder for..him or her.:( Good news is...she can use that leg ..but I don't think she will ever be the same.KWIM?
Yes..we now have two grills.:) Our old one still works..but Jim said it wasn't big enough for our Easter get together this year and he got the bigger one (we used both) for a really great deal.:) We had about thirteen members from the family here for hamburgers and hot dogs.It was really nice.The kids played on the patio and most everyone sat out in the backyard to eat and visit.

Here are the steps he did yesterday.They are dry but eventually they will turn to match the colors of the patio. Crossing fingers.LOL Jim will remove the forming boards soon.He has one more "step" to go to complete this side of the house. YAY!! I will have to show you the whole thing when he is finished with it.:) We live on a steep hill and it sure makes things easier with those COOL steps.!!

Now to finish cleaning my house..doing laundry and hopefully fit Mojo Monday in there somewhere. Lately it's been more like Mojo Tuesday or Wednesday.hehe

Have a fantastic day!!
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