Monday, April 04, 2011

My youngest grand daughter(Destiny) is in surgery at this moment.She has had ear problems since I can remember.Fluid collects and she has had to have tubes placed in them to drain the fluid. This morning she is having surgery on her ear because she has a hole on her eardrum.:( They will remove some skin from the back of her ear and use it to cover the hole. I would have loved to be there with my Son and DIL but I came down with itchy ears and a sore throat yesterday and feel pretty rough at the moment.:( I sit waiting to hear from them.
Your prayers would be truly appreciated.:) Thank you in advance...cause I know if you read will be praying.:)



Judgirl said...

our prayers are with you and your granddaughter...and the her parents. Relax my friend for you know the best of the best is with her.


smiekeltje said...

Of course a little prayer is send.
I am sure she will be allright, but it's never nice to have to have some surgery on you.
Oh poor Val, hope you aren't getting a flue, hopefully it's just a day or two, but I know, you can feel very "off"with a soar throat!
Stay warm. drink a lot and try to have a good sleep!

Notes by Nina said...

Quick recovery to Destiny. I hope you are feeling better soon as well.


Samantha said...

I thought i had sent a comment earlier but apparently it didn't work.
I hope Destiny has a good recovery and i hope you get feeling better as well.
You are both in my thoughts!

I hope the rest of your week goes well.