Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mojo Monday #185

This is the closest I could get my card to the correct colors with my camera and paint program.:) Oh well.LOL I started with a white card.Then added the lavender card stock to the front of it.Then there is purple card stock behind the leaf paper and I used Martha Stewart's border punch for the scallop at the bottom. I used a party doily for the backdrop on my flower.Then the back petals of a huge purple flower under my white wire ribbon flower that I made by following another tutorial on
  • Becka Bits
  • .With a little more practice and some of those buttons that you can cover with material..I just might get half as good at making them as she is.:)It was my idea to use a rosette in the center and then the jewel for the center of that.


    Samantha said...

    Great job on your Mojo Val! Glad to see with you feeling a little under the weather and with the surgery you were able to get a cards together!

    Hope you are feeling better and i hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

    P.S I hope all is well with your Grand daughter as well.

    Judgirl said...

    wow girl you made it and you did an awesome job is beautiful..I love it. Hope you are starting to feel better you must be cause look at that awesome card. And the granddaughter is probably having fun and loving all the love from her family. Well Val you have great tomorrow and an awesome weekend.


    smiekeltje said...

    Another lovely card! Feeling a bit better today? I think I had a little bug too yesterday, didn't feel 100%, but seems to be better today again. Have to be, some errands to be done LOL.
    Quickly will do posting now and then getting myself dressed and more or less presentable, hahaha, don;t want to give the people in the shop a shock LOL.
    Take care, have a lovely weekend,