Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Added more to my Easter Card :)

This is a hurry up ..take a pic and post it it isn't a really good one.For one thing..the little tag is white in the background.Not gray.:( I just felt the card needed a little more and when I saw this stamp..I knew it was the right one.:)
I also ..evidently ..need a new printer.The one I have seems to leave splotches around the area I want printed.Do you have that problem with yours?

I was surfing today for card ideas ..etc and came across Mejen's designs in sidebar....I LOVE them!! The picture of the cross on this card is from one of them. A freebie!! You just have to color it the way you want.I digitally colored mine and added the frame... then cut it out.

I made the word art myself using three different fonts...Angelina,QuixleyLET and Park Avenue BT. Then made the heart from my paint program.:) It was Christy's idea to add the dark brads to represent nails for the cross.She is too smart..let me tell you.LOL It's a simple card..but I think it makes the point. KWIM?

Oh..I was asked how I was able to get my card in the last post to show up the way it should. I found a desk lamp Jim wasn't using.I then put the light toward the card and used my telephoto lense to zoom in on the card so my shadow wouldn't show.Then I used my paint program to adjust the colors to match what I was actually looking at.:) That is pretty much the way I have to do it until I get a light box....oh JIM!!!LOL

Thanks for stopping in again and please don't leave without saying hi.:)


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