Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Shanty Festival

We have had a busy weekend.:) First there was my Mama's 82nd Birthday party Friday evening at my sister,Tionie's house.She had taco salad,cake and ice cream.mmm.:) Then Saturday... there was the Big Shanty Festival where Lexi..our middle grand daughter had a program on the Big Shanty Stage where her fifth grade class sang about how we can save the environment.:)

The Big Shanty Festival is an Arts and Entertainment Weekend and about fifty or sixty thousand visitors come to our small southern town to enjoy the day of entertainment.There are shows on two stages at different parts of the affair so you can watch everything from dancing and Karate classes showing off their talents..etc. There are tons and tons of craft tents with their home made crafts etc and if you want to taste a sample of our town's restaurants..there are eatery tents EVERYWHERE..:) Our town is really into the Civil War because Kennesaw Mountain and the Big Shanty Train is a part of the history here.I have never been into the history much.I haven't even visited the Civil War Museum yet and we have lived here for fifteen years this time and several years before.LOL There is usually a reenactment of the Civil war with the cannons going off during the Festival too.I will show more pics as I get the layouts made.:).....Then..Robby and Liz (our youngest son and DIL) invited us for a turkey dinner at their house that evening.We watched a movie..Yogi Bear.. with the kids and even the adults enjoyed it.LOL I think I slept pretty well that night.hehe

Sunday....Jim,Jimmy(our oldest son) ..Christy and I went to the flea market to pick up a bar sink for Christy's kitchenette in her room.The sink we had in there was plastic and it cracked and started leaking.We got a really nice sink (cast iron) to replace it for only thirty dollars.Believe me..that is inexpensive for what it would cost brand new..AND ..this used sink looks brand new too.:) Then..we went to the Big Shanty Festival again ..only this time Jim and Christy were able to go with Jimmy and me.:) They had to work Saturday and weren't able to go.:( We walked around the whole thing and got some sun too.:) We all are a bit pinker today...but it was a lot of fun looking at all the many things people made and tried to sell.:) I will tell you more about it as I get my layouts done for it.It will be more fun that way..don't you think? will keep me going with the layouts too.LOL

The layouts for today are mostly about the tunnel that the town of Kennesaw made last year.Before the tunnel was made it was a real pain for the visitors and town folk to get from one side of the railroad tracks to the other side with the many trains coming through and really slowed things down since the Festival covers ALL the main part of town.Both sides of the track. Not a street is empty of those little tents and pavilions and eateries etc. The tunnel makes it convenient for us to just ignore the trains..except for their whistles.hehe

The first three layouts were done using LilyBelle's (link in sidebar) Train QP's from last year.I LOVED them and collected the kit just in case.Who knew? :) I added a couple of things to them and the journaling..but she had most of them done for me.I LOVE them!! The last one I made using her COOL kit.:)

Thanks for stopping in and I hope to have more to show next time.:)



LilyBelle said...

Oh my, Valinda, these look wonderful and I really enjoyed reading your post plus the one about your Mum's job. Isn't that something. Tell her "well done" from me. :)

Judy said...

sounds like a wonderful time ...awesome layouts girl. Well can't wait o see your MOJO monday card ...trying to figure out myself. Have a great week.


Mrs. Miles said...

Wow - You HAVE been a busy girl! Love your layouts and especially love learning a bit more about where you live. By learning the history we have such a renewed pride in the places we are. I'm just popping in so I can seeeeee what you've been up to - can't wait to see your Mojo too!