Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome Little One -card

Here is a card I just made for my Nephew and Niece.They are expecting their third child this coming week. If my Niece doesn't go into labor before Tuesday..she will be induced that day.Just thought I would get a card ready.:) When I saw this little wagon..I just knew this was the right kit to Nephew's transmission in his car blew and they now take the little ones to the store etc in a big red wagon.They are close enough that it isn't a hardship and the little ones really love being taken in the wagon.:) They don't want to know what gender the baby is going to be until they are surprised.That is why I put "Welcome little one".:) Oh..this one is completely digital. Easier and faster that way.LOL
I just LOVE this kit and wish the designer had put her blog address in the terms of use.I would LOVE to give her proper credit!! I am almost certain that she is the one that is going out of business and gave a bunch of her kits away recently.If you know the designer..would you please leave the info in the comments for me? I would truly appreciate it!:)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are doing okay!!!:)

  • Storm Damage

  • Just checking in to let my family and friends know that we are doing fine after that horrific storm that came through last night.:) Robby (my youngest son) and his family spent the day and over night with us. All we got personally was some rain and wind.Thank you Lord!! We spent the evening in the living room gathered around the television watching the weather reports and watching where the tornadoes were going. There was an awful amount of damage done in the surrounding counties and we are just finding out this morning some of the damage that was done. It's hard to believe that over 178 people have been killed from these storms yesterday. There were around 150 tornadoes in this storm.WOW!! It seemed the storms just went around us.We were expecting the tail end to come to our town when Jim and I decided to go to bed.If it came...we didn't know it.LOL
    I pray for the families who have been affected by the storms damage and the deaths of their family and friends. This one was a biggy.:(


    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Mojo Monday #188

    Here' s my Mojo Monday card. I took way too much time working on this..LOL I have had an extremely FULL weekend....and I will tell you about it on my next post.IF I don't forget.hehe I used the background papers to make paper flowers to match.... and textured card stock to make the leaves .I like the way they turned out.:)
    The papers are from a coordinating set that I had gotten a long time ago and the front page has been I can't tell you what they are.:(
    The gems are from the bag of gems that Christy gave me. I still have plenty.
    The ribbon is from Micheal's when they had a "three for sale". Love those!! :)

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    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Then Came the Morning!!!! :)

    Thank you Jesus!! I LOVE YOU!!!

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Added more to my Easter Card :)

    This is a hurry up ..take a pic and post it it isn't a really good one.For one thing..the little tag is white in the background.Not gray.:( I just felt the card needed a little more and when I saw this stamp..I knew it was the right one.:)
    I also ..evidently ..need a new printer.The one I have seems to leave splotches around the area I want printed.Do you have that problem with yours?

    I was surfing today for card ideas ..etc and came across Mejen's designs in sidebar....I LOVE them!! The picture of the cross on this card is from one of them. A freebie!! You just have to color it the way you want.I digitally colored mine and added the frame... then cut it out.

    I made the word art myself using three different fonts...Angelina,QuixleyLET and Park Avenue BT. Then made the heart from my paint program.:) It was Christy's idea to add the dark brads to represent nails for the cross.She is too smart..let me tell you.LOL It's a simple card..but I think it makes the point. KWIM?

    Oh..I was asked how I was able to get my card in the last post to show up the way it should. I found a desk lamp Jim wasn't using.I then put the light toward the card and used my telephoto lense to zoom in on the card so my shadow wouldn't show.Then I used my paint program to adjust the colors to match what I was actually looking at.:) That is pretty much the way I have to do it until I get a light box....oh JIM!!!LOL

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    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Mojo Monday #187

    I FINALLY got the Mojo Monday Card made.Whew!! (wiping brow).LOL I got the photo as good as I could.The back ground blue and the scallop border design are not as different in color as this pic shows.Really!!:)
    I decided that since I didn't have any ribbon on hand that would go with the colors I chose for the card..that I would use my string yarn again.:) Maybe I should look at my ribbon first from now on?hehe I did do a couple things different and I think it helped.I did the layers of the card first and then put the card together.It helped ..because..I didn't already have it glued and then realize I hadn't wrapped the ribbon around the correct layer.Been there..done that before.LOL

    Paper= Candy Blossoms paper pack
    Scallop border is from Martha Stewart border punch
    Flower= A purple fabric flower ..back layers only... then I added a white fabric flower on top of that ..then I added a paper flower I made to the center.:)
    Stamp= I can't remember where I got it or who it belongs to.I threw the package away.:(
    Ink is from's purple.:)

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    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Big Shanty Festival

    We have had a busy weekend.:) First there was my Mama's 82nd Birthday party Friday evening at my sister,Tionie's house.She had taco salad,cake and ice cream.mmm.:) Then Saturday... there was the Big Shanty Festival where Lexi..our middle grand daughter had a program on the Big Shanty Stage where her fifth grade class sang about how we can save the environment.:)

    The Big Shanty Festival is an Arts and Entertainment Weekend and about fifty or sixty thousand visitors come to our small southern town to enjoy the day of entertainment.There are shows on two stages at different parts of the affair so you can watch everything from dancing and Karate classes showing off their talents..etc. There are tons and tons of craft tents with their home made crafts etc and if you want to taste a sample of our town's restaurants..there are eatery tents EVERYWHERE..:) Our town is really into the Civil War because Kennesaw Mountain and the Big Shanty Train is a part of the history here.I have never been into the history much.I haven't even visited the Civil War Museum yet and we have lived here for fifteen years this time and several years before.LOL There is usually a reenactment of the Civil war with the cannons going off during the Festival too.I will show more pics as I get the layouts made.:).....Then..Robby and Liz (our youngest son and DIL) invited us for a turkey dinner at their house that evening.We watched a movie..Yogi Bear.. with the kids and even the adults enjoyed it.LOL I think I slept pretty well that night.hehe

    Sunday....Jim,Jimmy(our oldest son) ..Christy and I went to the flea market to pick up a bar sink for Christy's kitchenette in her room.The sink we had in there was plastic and it cracked and started leaking.We got a really nice sink (cast iron) to replace it for only thirty dollars.Believe me..that is inexpensive for what it would cost brand new..AND ..this used sink looks brand new too.:) Then..we went to the Big Shanty Festival again ..only this time Jim and Christy were able to go with Jimmy and me.:) They had to work Saturday and weren't able to go.:( We walked around the whole thing and got some sun too.:) We all are a bit pinker today...but it was a lot of fun looking at all the many things people made and tried to sell.:) I will tell you more about it as I get my layouts done for it.It will be more fun that way..don't you think? will keep me going with the layouts too.LOL

    The layouts for today are mostly about the tunnel that the town of Kennesaw made last year.Before the tunnel was made it was a real pain for the visitors and town folk to get from one side of the railroad tracks to the other side with the many trains coming through and really slowed things down since the Festival covers ALL the main part of town.Both sides of the track. Not a street is empty of those little tents and pavilions and eateries etc. The tunnel makes it convenient for us to just ignore the trains..except for their whistles.hehe

    The first three layouts were done using LilyBelle's (link in sidebar) Train QP's from last year.I LOVED them and collected the kit just in case.Who knew? :) I added a couple of things to them and the journaling..but she had most of them done for me.I LOVE them!! The last one I made using her COOL kit.:)

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    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Eighty Two and ....LOOK AT YOU!!:)

    Today is my Mama's 82nd birthday.She is sooo pretty!! Would you believe my Mama was praying for a way to get more income a couple of months ago and the Lord opened up a door at Bojangles for her?Here's how it worked out....The manager at Bojangles told one of his employees that he wanted an elderly person to work the dining room and to welcome people as they came in and also to mingle with them while they are there.If they want to chat with some of them..this person would be allowed to sit with them while they eat if they would like them to and all they would have to do as far as their job is to keep the dining room clean.They would not be allowed in the kitchen area because of the greasy floors etc. This employee told her Mother about it and her Mother said she knew just the person to do it.She contacted my Mom and asked her if she would be interested and Mom said yes....So she put in an application and now..she works about five or six days a week and her job is to keep the dining area clean...and to mingle with the customers and make them feel welcome.She is allowed to sit with them while they eat and if they want to chat she can do that.She keeps an eye on the tables and when customers leave she cleans up after them. You would not believe my Mama is eight two years old.:) How many eighty two year olds do you know who have a job and LOVE it!?:) If it can be Mama..with the Lord's help..can do it!!hehe Thank you so much my Lord for making the impossible..possible.:)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!! May you have many more to come.:)


    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Mojo Monday #186

    Well..I didn't make it on Monday..but here is my card... Hope you like it!! :) As usual..the photo doesn't show it as clearly as it looks in person.:)

    Papers are from DCWV= The Once Upon A Time Stack.
    The stamp is from g clean stamps
    Ink is from Martha Stewart crafts
    Ribbon is from the last bit of glittery gold I had
    Jewels= Micheal's dollar bin...again.:)

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    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Another Card using Gaye's CUTE kit.:)

    I just HAD to play with
  • Gaye's
  • new Easter Hop kit and make another card..this time printing off her COOL elements and a couple of her papers in the kit.... then cutting them out..the best I could..Hehe and then using a stylist and pop dots to add some dimension to them. I tried to use this weeks Mojo monday sketch as much as I could. Everything you see except the white card stock and the teal border at the bottom of the top page came from
  • Gaye's
  • kit.:)
    Thank you soo much Gaye for sharing your kit with me and allowing me to play with it.:)I LOVE IT!

    Side note...the photo is no where near how nice this turned out.:)

    Friday, April 08, 2011

    Gaye's Beautiful Easter Kit.:)

    Here is a digital card I made using Gaye's BEAUTIFUL Easter Kit.:) It is soo fun working with her CUTE designs.

    Isn't this just TOTALLY AWESOME???!!! My friend Gaye is sooo talented.:) She has this new kit in her shop and I LOVE IT!! Gotta make some layouts with this when I get to feeling better.I am better than I was..that's progress ..right?:)

    Head on over to her blog to see some of the COOLEST layouts!Grab this kit... And..there are freebies too!!:)

    Here's the link:
  • GSL Creations

  • Hugs,

    Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Mojo Monday #185

    This is the closest I could get my card to the correct colors with my camera and paint program.:) Oh well.LOL I started with a white card.Then added the lavender card stock to the front of it.Then there is purple card stock behind the leaf paper and I used Martha Stewart's border punch for the scallop at the bottom. I used a party doily for the backdrop on my flower.Then the back petals of a huge purple flower under my white wire ribbon flower that I made by following another tutorial on
  • Becka Bits
  • .With a little more practice and some of those buttons that you can cover with material..I just might get half as good at making them as she is.:)It was my idea to use a rosette in the center and then the jewel for the center of that.

    Tuesday, April 05, 2011

    Surgery update

    Just wanted to stop in to let you know that Destiny's surgery went fine!! :) She just has to take it easy for the next two weeks .
    I on the other hand still have itchy ears,sneezing and a slight temp...but as my Daddy always said..."This too shall pass".:)


    Monday, April 04, 2011

    My youngest grand daughter(Destiny) is in surgery at this moment.She has had ear problems since I can remember.Fluid collects and she has had to have tubes placed in them to drain the fluid. This morning she is having surgery on her ear because she has a hole on her eardrum.:( They will remove some skin from the back of her ear and use it to cover the hole. I would have loved to be there with my Son and DIL but I came down with itchy ears and a sore throat yesterday and feel pretty rough at the moment.:( I sit waiting to hear from them.
    Your prayers would be truly appreciated.:) Thank you in advance...cause I know if you read will be praying.:)


    Saturday, April 02, 2011

    Time to run the virus checker:)

    Good morning:)
    I just wanted to let you know that this last week I went to dwnld a freebie and FireFox said it blocked a black hole trojan virus.Ewww...but I decided since my puter had been running a bit slow..I would go ahead and run it ..just in case. Well...It found two of those buggers in there.:( Guess it thought it had blocked it? I didn't download the was wondering if maybe it was on another one? Anyway..just thought I would give you the heads up and let you know that maybe you would want to do a complete scan. It took a while for it to run the I wasn't on for a while when doing this.I got some much needed other things done though.LOL

    Have a fantastic weekend!!