Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thanks Barb,,,,LOL

I should be vacuuming the living room floor.LOL Somebody STOP me.*snort


Notes by Nina said...

Oh my :) those look fabulous :)

Judgirl said...

way to go got me seating here trying it ...

Mrs. Miles said...


Oh my gracious, Valinda. Ok, I got the carnation one, and the one I had on my blog, but how did you make the sort of just round flattish ones? I like those a lot.

Hahahhahaha, good thing you don't live by me or you would be throwing them at me. They are addictive, aren't they?

I'm home again so will try to fit in an email or two, though I have a huge long email pileup and a big graphics project with a deadline :(


vw bug said...

Those are awesome! You could make elements from those gorgeous flowers.