Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mojo Monday #182

I was finally able to get a card finished on Monday..but..it got too late to post it.LOL I found these papers in the open stock at Micheal's a week or so ago.They were only 19 cents apiece.(told you I was frugal) hehe They are Sparkle Cardstock-Cinnamon Stick.From Cloud 9 Design. You will have to just take my word for it..It does sparkle.:)
I wanted to add a circle to the inside of the scalloped circle..so ..I took my circle template and laid it over the circle and used a marker to draw the circle I wanted and added the two flourishes along with it.:) The stamp is another one I collected from the Micheal's dollar bin. The ribbon is from Wright's Prestige.It was a mark down to 50 cents.:) Note to self....get more ribbon!!

I spent the day with Mama yesterday.She had a Dental appt first thing..then we came back to my place and had soup when she could feel her mouth again.:) She had several errands she needed to run and took me with her.:) Then on the way to take me back home..she surprised me with going through the McD's drive through and bought us an ice cream cone.:) Mama's never forget their kids like ice cream.LOL It is really nice to be able to spend time with her.:)

Thanks for stopping in and please say hi before you leave.:)



Judgirl said...

aww ...mom and you and ice cream what a treat and memory. Love the card Val and boy do I wish I could found ...founds like you do and especially at Micheals...I try my best ...really I do. Thanks for stopping by...love your visits.

have a great week


Samantha said...

Great job on your card Valinda!! Well i still have yet to get my Mojo card done....I really did try last night but i think i have realized that the simplier the sketch, the more i seem to struggle.
Thank you for stopping by though and i do hope to get one up in the next day or 2.

Hugs to you!!!