Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mojo Monday #180

Here is Mojo Monday #180 Link is in my sidebar.:)

I took this pic with the card sitting up on my folding tray table (dining room) .Until I get a better way of taking pics..this will have to do.:)
Here is a pic that is slightly tilted so you can see the embellishments a little closer.:)

Papers= Miss Elizabeth's Coordinating Paper pack.
Stamp= Hope stamp from dollar bin-Micheal's Craft store.
Butterfly= Christy gave me a few she punched from a Martha Stewart's punch she bought at Micheal's.
Ribbon=Special Value from dollar bin at Micheal's.


Judgirl said...

Beautiful card Val ...still trying to figure out my plan for a card. But love yours. The colors make me think dainty...lady like ...the pinky up ...do you know what I mean. Alive with the colors of Spring ...awesome card. Have a great week ...


xashee's corner said...

Hi Val! GREAT card, i really LOVE the colors too, and that butterfly!! WONDERFUL job!!
thanks for the visit and concern, as well! hugs ;)
got back from a second day (in a row) with the dr. and after all kinds of blood work and xrays... it's definitely pnuemonia... a mild case, if you have ever heard of such a thing as mild. please keep me in your prayers so it doesn't get real bad.

xashee's corner said...

not to be rude and i am sorry to have asked for prayers, but don't bother wasting them on me.... my blog's been updated. thanks for being my friend.