Monday, March 21, 2011

Layout with Boo's kit that I WON!!:)

This is my first layout I have done using Boo's...
  • Booland Designs
  • ... kit "Bloomin Love"..that I won the other day. I have a feeling I will be using this one for a few more layouts..because it is just the perfect color to match my Niece's and now Nephew's wedding pics.:) Just had to show you a few of the gorgeous things she has in her kit.:) I am gonna try to use some of the other colors too.Yes I am.LOL
    I had a really busy weekend.Jim and I went out to dinner Saturday evening and then to get groceries..which took a while because we needed to stop at WalMart to get the items that aren't available at Aldi's. After WalMart we made a quick trip to Aldi's. WOW..and I do mean quick.Jim thought the store closed at nine and it actually closes at eight. So at fifteen minutes till we walk in the door to get groceries...thinking we had a while to do it.You should see how fast we can load up a grocery cart.LOL We didn't quite make it at eight..but we walked out of there at five minutes past and there was still a line of people at the register.I was happy we weren't the ones keeping the store from closing.:) We then came home ..put the groceries away and by then..the day was pretty well gone.Whew!! I think we worked off our dinner.LOL
    Yesterday, Jim worked in the yard..mowing and cleaning up all the stuff that was laying around from his last trip out there to work on the yard.hehe He had taken down the bird bath and the feeder last year and then I saw him putting them back up and he even made another birdhouse feeder to replace the one that the weather had destroyed.The older one served for some years as the home of some tiny birds that gave off a holler every time you came close.I loved watching them fly into the tiny hole in the house.How in the world do they do that without conking themselves on the head..I will never know.:) This is the third birdhouse that has been made and put out there.The other two I did ..Jim did this one and I sure hope the little birds love it as much.:)

    Thanks for stopping in and for leaving your lovely comments for me. Makes my day!!:)



    Mrs. Miles said...

    Holey Moley you films were fast. Hopefully you win a shopping spree in the future and you will be all practiced up.

    Valinda, your layout is so pretty, that kit is gorgeous. I'm sure you will get loads of use out of that.

    I would make a wonderful big lo g co
    Mention except my iPhone makes it hard work haha.


    BooLandDesigns said...

    WOW Valinda,
    Your layout is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy you're enjoying the kit.
    I'm envious you got to see the super moon. We've had cloud all week so I haven't seen it yet but your photos are awesome.
    thanks again n hugs as always
    Boo x