Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lacy paper flowers,:)

I have really been enjoying the tutorials called Becca Bits on this blog. She has the most amazing cards too... Here is one of her lacy flower videos and it looks soo easy.I will have to try it soon.:)

Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me show a pic of the link is the best I can do.If you do go see her blog and enjoy it..please stop back in and tell me about it.:)

  • Lacy Flowers

  • Hugs,


    Judgirl said...

    thank you Val for that site ..that is an awesome flower I am going to have to try and found a punch that I can try it out. We don't have stroe in town that sells Spellbinder stuff darn. Have a great day.


    xashee's corner said...

    thanx so much for the visit! i really love your cards AND those flowers!! i think we need a tut on some of those!hehe
    hubby looked up that lava-ish lamp on ebay and couldn't find anything like not sure where else to look but will continue to try.
    the weather here started a late spring (not what that groundhog predicted) and in Los Angeles they had rain 8 out of the last 10, not that bad here though, thankfully.
    oh & our older girl dog doesn't like the storms either but we recently had winds so bad it tilted one of the fence lengths! prolly close to 90 mph it was awful!
    looking forward to sharing the cards i been playing around with too, some ain't too bad! hehe thanks so very much Val for all the support. i always smile when we visit each other. HUGS! going to bed early tonight! have a good one! :)

    smiekeltje said...

    The flowers look great! What is it with Blogger, causing suddenly so much trouble? I heard it from several bloggers(I am till now the lucky one, not having real trouble).
    I am looking forward to our trip to the fair tomorrow, crossing fingers that the forecast of 70F temperature will be reality LOL!
    Have a great weekend, greetings to everybody, hug to you

    Samantha said...

    Those flowers are very cool! i cant say i have watche dthe video yet but i did go over to check them out.
    We are flower crazed now :)

    Hope you have a great weekend Valinda!