Friday, March 25, 2011

Home made Paper Flowers :)

Are any of you like me? You get started on something and it seems you just have to do more?LOL Thanks BARB!!!hehe Actually my friend Barb ( Mrs. Miles) in me started on making paper flowers and I am lovin it!! :) She sent us to youtube videos where they will walk you through different processes for different kinds of flowers. I particularly love the ones in the bottom left corner of my pic.The ones that look like carnations.:) The are SOOO easy and it looks like you really had a hard time doing them.LOL I need more practice..don't you think?:)
If you would like to see a birdhouse card I made with one of the paper flowers and leaves..scroll down to my last post.:)

Here's the link to the video for the "carnation" flowers..

  • carnations

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    xashee's corner said...

    i think your paper flowers are AWESOME! truly!! you are doing a GREAT job and i LOVE that birdhouse card and your FIRST paper flower! i will have to give it a try and YES i will make many if i can do one!! lol stuff like that is so much fun, hard to stop! :) wanted to thank you so very much for being such a supportive and inspirational friend too! big tight HUGS!!! have a WONDERFUL evening! :D

    Samantha said...

    Your paper flowers are beautiful and no you do not need practice...they look perfect.

    I sure hope i find them as easy as you have.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend Valinda!!!

    Judgirl said...

    wow and Samantha ..sure love these flowers ..might have to try ..but I am all thumbs. That barb could found any help or teach it to video ..she is awesome..and loves to share what she founds.

    neti's fine crafts said...

    Oh how pretty!You are very talented Valinda!!Love all of them!!

    Notes by Nina said...

    Simple Beautiful. Barb did not take her camera out at all during our visit, however I should have taken one of her bouncing off her seat and getting all excited about making the flowers. Her tongue tip sticking out in concentration, snickering at the same time. Priceless. Have a wonderful weekend, your flowers are gorgeous.