Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Mojo card :)

I thought I would try another Mojo card on my own this week.Well..mostly on my own..cause the little pink flower was made by Christy (DD) shortly after she got her Cuttlebug .hehe I am loving those little paper flowers.:)
The flourishes are from a template I had picked up at one of our craft stores.Not sure which one..cause we have a JoAnn's ,Hobby Lobby and Micheal's pretty much next door to each other.You have to get in the car to get from one to the other ..but not too many blinks of the eye and you are there.:) I used the template to draw ..then cut out the flourish and then I used a marker to add the dots to match the flourish in the WA.
The papers are from the open stock at Micheal's.= American Craft..the color of memories.There were about six coordinating papers ..double sided too..whoo hoo!!! :) Always wanted to do that>LOL I cut the leaves..behind the flower..out of one of the papers.
I have to make two cards today.One for a surprise birthday and one for a baby shower for tomorrow.Guess I know what I will be doing most of the day ..between house cleaning and taking my afternoon fifteen minute nap.LOL

Tip: If you have ink on your fingers from making the WA...don't touch your card!!:)

Hope you ALL have a blessed weekend!!



Judgirl said...

wooohooo this lady is the card Val. THis Mojo card making thing is fun. Wish I had three craft stores in a row ..we just have selection is limited....and I mean limited. Our Micheals does not seem to update anything but the jewelry stuff..or wedding. Well girl the weekend is here relax. You and Jim snuggle and watch a movie.


Samantha said...

Wow! Beautiful card Valinda!!! Great it.

Have a good weekend!!

Debbie Carriere said...

What a fun, colorful card! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday:)

Mrs. Miles said...

AMAZING, thats all I can say. This one is a "cut above" - Valinda you have a true talent here!

You know I'm sooooo busy so glad we keep connecting, thank you sweet friend.

Love, Barb