Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lacy paper flowers,:)

I have really been enjoying the tutorials called Becca Bits on this blog. She has the most amazing cards too... Here is one of her lacy flower videos and it looks soo easy.I will have to try it soon.:)

Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me show a pic of the link is the best I can do.If you do go see her blog and enjoy it..please stop back in and tell me about it.:)

  • Lacy Flowers

  • Hugs,

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Mojo Monday #184

    Better late than never.LOL Not exactly "thrilled" with this one..but it will work great for a little girl..and our family has several little girls in it.:) I made the paper flowers with a McGill flower punch(Christy's =DD).First I punched the flower with the flower punch using white card stock.Then I colored the flower with pink ink...but only dabbed it so it wouldn't be solid pink.Then I used a stylist to add dimension to them. Placed a gem I got from Micheal's in the center of each.:) I used a heart sticker and placed it over the heart that was on the stamp (TPC Studio) I got from JoAnn's craft store. The ribbon is from "Celebrate It Valentine" that I got from Micheal's.I got the flourish stamp at Micheal's dollar bin too.I used it for the stem to the center flower.:)

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    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Thanks Barb,,,,LOL

    I should be vacuuming the living room floor.LOL Somebody STOP me.*snort

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Home made Paper Flowers :)

    Are any of you like me? You get started on something and it seems you just have to do more?LOL Thanks BARB!!!hehe Actually my friend Barb ( Mrs. Miles) in me started on making paper flowers and I am lovin it!! :) She sent us to youtube videos where they will walk you through different processes for different kinds of flowers. I particularly love the ones in the bottom left corner of my pic.The ones that look like carnations.:) The are SOOO easy and it looks like you really had a hard time doing them.LOL I need more practice..don't you think?:)
    If you would like to see a birdhouse card I made with one of the paper flowers and leaves..scroll down to my last post.:)

    Here's the link to the video for the "carnation" flowers..

  • carnations

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    Birdhouse Card :)

    I thought I would try my hand at a new card...and my first attempt at paper flowers.I got the idea from my good friend
  • Barb
  • . She sent us to You tube to see a "how to" video.Just type in "making paper flowers" or something like that.LOL There are soo many different kinds and I know this won't be my last attempt at making them.:) Thank you Barb..for sharing!
    First I folded the card stock in half in preparation of the card.Then I measured the size of the roof.I cut that out ..and then cut a hole in the front of the card.Then decorated the outside of the card. I used my bird on a limb stamp for the inside.I stamped it on white card stock and then cut around it with decorative when you look inside the's decorative too.I stamped the stamp and at first it seemed too dark so I just stamped it again to lighten the bird on a limb and I like the way it turned out.:) Oh..for the leaves with the flower... I just folded some green card stock in half and cut the leaves out from that...added a little darker green for the edges and glued them on.
    Wish you could see the card on this side of the camera.It's a lot brighter.:)

    Papers=DCWV The Celebration Stack- The background paper glitters.You prolly can't tell from the pic.:)
    Ribbon= Sugar n Spice
    Gem= Bag of Gems Christy(DD) gave to me.
    Font= Melanie

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    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    I won an award!! :)

    I was presented with an award from my dear friend Nina. She makes the most beautiful cards and has been an inspiration to me.:)

    This blog award is for blogs with less than 300 followers and is to be passed along to 3-5 blogs.

    There are several card blogs that inspire me to try something different or unusual and have taught me soo much about card making...and my friend Nina is one whom I consider a professional at it. She has inspired her family and me along with them... and together we enjoy visiting one another to be inspired and to inspire.:)
    Since I am probably the newest one of the bunch to join the fun...I will choose the same ones Nina has chosen to pass the award on to....excluding myself of course.LOL

    Please visit their blogs and leave some lovely compliments on their GORGEOUS work.:)

  • Nina

  • Barb

  • Judy

  • Samantha

  • Thank you my friends for including me in your fun...and for stopping in to give me encouragement.I am so honored!!

    Thank you soo much Nina and congratulations on your award! You truly deserve it!


    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    More Mojo Monday :)

    Here's another card I made using this weeks Mojo Monday Sketch. I was wondering if I was gonna get a chance to post it today. It's been busy.:) Christy had the day off and we went to lunch at Apple Bee's and shopping again.:) Micheal's had a 40% off sale in the store on all their Recollections stamps and embellies etc. We stopped at the Dollar Tree where I picked up some more ribbon and two bunches of flowers... and then WalMart to get some black printer ink and a few needed groceries.Then home and I had just changed into some comfortable clothes when Jim came home from work. Supper was made and eaten ..dishes done and a couple of movies watched and that is my day so far.Tomorrow...I get to have my teeth cleaned.Oh FUN!!:)
    Papers=The Paper Studio
    Stamp= Dollar bin at Micheal's.
    Ribbon=Eyelet Ribbon from the dollar bin at Micheal's.

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    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Mojo Monday #183 is my first attempt at Mojo Monday again. I love having a sketch to go by.It helps when you don't have any idea what to do next.:)
    Now for the credits:
    Papers are from the open stock at Micheal's craft store.
    The orange flower is from a bouquet at Dollar Tree
    Birthday stamp from the dollar bin at Micheal's.
    Jewels from the bag of jewels Christy gave to me a while back.

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    Layout with Boo's kit that I WON!!:)

    This is my first layout I have done using Boo's...
  • Booland Designs
  • ... kit "Bloomin Love"..that I won the other day. I have a feeling I will be using this one for a few more layouts..because it is just the perfect color to match my Niece's and now Nephew's wedding pics.:) Just had to show you a few of the gorgeous things she has in her kit.:) I am gonna try to use some of the other colors too.Yes I am.LOL
    I had a really busy weekend.Jim and I went out to dinner Saturday evening and then to get groceries..which took a while because we needed to stop at WalMart to get the items that aren't available at Aldi's. After WalMart we made a quick trip to Aldi's. WOW..and I do mean quick.Jim thought the store closed at nine and it actually closes at eight. So at fifteen minutes till we walk in the door to get groceries...thinking we had a while to do it.You should see how fast we can load up a grocery cart.LOL We didn't quite make it at eight..but we walked out of there at five minutes past and there was still a line of people at the register.I was happy we weren't the ones keeping the store from closing.:) We then came home ..put the groceries away and by then..the day was pretty well gone.Whew!! I think we worked off our dinner.LOL
    Yesterday, Jim worked in the yard..mowing and cleaning up all the stuff that was laying around from his last trip out there to work on the yard.hehe He had taken down the bird bath and the feeder last year and then I saw him putting them back up and he even made another birdhouse feeder to replace the one that the weather had destroyed.The older one served for some years as the home of some tiny birds that gave off a holler every time you came close.I loved watching them fly into the tiny hole in the house.How in the world do they do that without conking themselves on the head..I will never know.:) This is the third birdhouse that has been made and put out there.The other two I did ..Jim did this one and I sure hope the little birds love it as much.:)

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    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    Supermoon at 10:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

    These are the best the zoom lense on my camera would do...but ..hey..I am happy with them.:)

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Happy "Sweet Sixteen" Carrie!! :)

    Today is my eldest grand daughter's "Sweet Sixteen" birthday.It is soo hard to take in fast she has grown into a young lady.:) If you recall..I posted her birthday card on here recently...but in case you missed it..I will post it again.:) As you can see..I did put that jewel in the center of the flower.:) This pic is a quick one I took just after adding the jewel and the card is laying down on the tray if it looks a little off...that is why.:)

    If you would like to see the original
  • HERE

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    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Another Card using Barb Derksen's Balloon.:)

    My dear friend Barb..Mrs.Miles.(link in sidebar) has a COOL Balloon Festival Elements Set she is selling in her store.If you are interested in collecting them for yourself..then click on the link..
  • HERE
  • I used one of her balloons to make this card and am quite pleased with the result.:)

    The cloud is from Delicious Scraps and is one of her CU clouds. Her link is in my sidebar too.:) I added some glitter around the edges with my silver glitter pen from Martha Stewart.
    The background papers are Miss Elizabeth's and I got those from the Dollar Tree. I made the tag on Photo Impact...and cut it out after the word art had been added using the Melanie font.

    Thanks for stopping in...:)


    A kit I won..and another Mojo Card.:)

    Boo from
  • booland designs
  • had a contest on her blog.All you had to do is leave a comment about what you most like to see in a kit.I was one of five winners!! Isn't this just GORGEOUS?!! I LOVE it! Thank you so much Boo!!!

    Here is my second attempt at making a pretty card for Mojo Monday this week. I had gotten some pretty wire ribbon from the Dollar Tree a while back (different colors) and was wondering how I could use it.:) It's not as easy to tuck in behind the cardstock as the regular ribbon is..but I managed to do it.YAY! This was really wide ribbon too. 2.5 inches.:)
    I wasn't completely happy with the last card I made. Sometimes they turn out just like I had hoped and other times..not so much.:) I had trouble with the scallops on this didn't notice?LOL
    Papers= Paper Pizazz.. Lavender Flowers on Purple and Soft Purple Ferns. I also used a light gray card stock.
    Stamp is from the Dollar Bin at Micheal's.Love those dollar bins.LOL
    Ink on stamp=Stampology

    Have a fantastic day my friends!!


    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    New Year Of Spring..layout.:)

    Wow..I haven't done a layout in a while.:) My dear friend,Shirley
  • Xashee's Corner
  • made this BEAUTIFUL kit (New Year of Spring) and is offering it as a freebie on her blog. :) Please tell her I said hi...when you are there to pick yours up.:)
    The photo in the layout is one of Jim's Mom and Dad and their baby..Buddy.:) There is no doubt that they LOVE that pup.:) I'm not sure Dad actually kissed him..but I am pretty sure..he got a good lick.LOL

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    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Mojo Monday #182

    I was finally able to get a card finished on got too late to post it.LOL I found these papers in the open stock at Micheal's a week or so ago.They were only 19 cents apiece.(told you I was frugal) hehe They are Sparkle Cardstock-Cinnamon Stick.From Cloud 9 Design. You will have to just take my word for it..It does sparkle.:)
    I wanted to add a circle to the inside of the scalloped ..I took my circle template and laid it over the circle and used a marker to draw the circle I wanted and added the two flourishes along with it.:) The stamp is another one I collected from the Micheal's dollar bin. The ribbon is from Wright's Prestige.It was a mark down to 50 cents.:) Note to self....get more ribbon!!

    I spent the day with Mama yesterday.She had a Dental appt first thing..then we came back to my place and had soup when she could feel her mouth again.:) She had several errands she needed to run and took me with her.:) Then on the way to take me back home..she surprised me with going through the McD's drive through and bought us an ice cream cone.:) Mama's never forget their kids like ice cream.LOL It is really nice to be able to spend time with her.:)

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    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Hillsong - still

    I thought this song would be appropriate considering the tragic events from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan yesterday.No matter what is going on around us..if we KNOW that GOD is in CONTROL of EACH and EVERY situation.We can have PEACE!


    Forgot to show the inside of the card.:)

    I laid a piece of cardstock over my signature at the bottom.Forgot to take the pic before I signed it.:)
    This should have come last..since the outside of the card is in my last post.If you would like to see the card...please scroll down.:)
    The baby shoes are from Scrap & Tubes.
    Wordart is a Baby Shower Quote

    Baby Shower Card

    We're going to a baby shower today.My Nephew and his wife are expecting their third child in May.:) I worked on this card yesterday along with my Nephews Birthday card.They are going to celebrate both events this afternoon.
    I found a better light that wouldn't show shadows when I take a pic of the cards..but..I think it is too bright.KWIM? This card has a little stronger colors to it on this side of the camera lens.:) My Nephew and Niece are waiting to find out which gender the baby is...on the day it is I had to make a card that would do for either. I recolorized the pads of the baby bears feet and inside the ears to match the background paper.

    Background paper is from a digital kit by LilyBelle called "Brand New Baby".
    Stitched corners =CZS Baby Kit.-no longer available.:(
    Baby Bottle = My Baby Kit by Scrap & Tubes
    Baby of Mine corner WA =JeanC179
    Bear = Momma and Baby_SF
    Ribbon is from the dollar bin ...Micheal's Craft store.
    Tag=Raspberry Road's Vintage baby kit-I did a burn around the edges
    Wordart=I think it was a quote from Baby Shower Quotes
    Font=Melanie ??

    Thanks for stopping in and thank ALL of you for your wonderful comments!! Makes me very happy.:)


    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Another Mojo card :)

    I thought I would try another Mojo card on my own this week.Well..mostly on my own..cause the little pink flower was made by Christy (DD) shortly after she got her Cuttlebug .hehe I am loving those little paper flowers.:)
    The flourishes are from a template I had picked up at one of our craft stores.Not sure which one..cause we have a JoAnn's ,Hobby Lobby and Micheal's pretty much next door to each other.You have to get in the car to get from one to the other ..but not too many blinks of the eye and you are there.:) I used the template to draw ..then cut out the flourish and then I used a marker to add the dots to match the flourish in the WA.
    The papers are from the open stock at Micheal's.= American Craft..the color of memories.There were about six coordinating papers ..double sided too..whoo hoo!!! :) Always wanted to do that>LOL I cut the leaves..behind the flower..out of one of the papers.
    I have to make two cards today.One for a surprise birthday and one for a baby shower for tomorrow.Guess I know what I will be doing most of the day ..between house cleaning and taking my afternoon fifteen minute nap.LOL

    Tip: If you have ink on your fingers from making the WA...don't touch your card!!:)

    Hope you ALL have a blessed weekend!!


    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    Mojo Monday's done!! LOL Christy (DD) helped me with this one.She suggested a few things to me and as I was being rushed to get to bed cause of an early Dental appointment this morning..I ran the card down to Christy's room.Asked her to cut some flourishes with her Cuttlebug and when I got up this morning..the card was laid out for me with the cute flower and leaves too.I just had to attach the flourishes and the flower and leaves so they would be permanent.I made a word art for it and I think Christy and I make a GREAT team..don't you? She always has wonderful ideas when it comes to craft projects.:)


    Papers = Miss Elizabeth's Bohemian-Leaves and vines.
    Ink for stamp= Stampology
    I used two different Martha Stewart border punches for the cute designs on the background paper.Decorative scissors did the rest.:)
    Flourishes and flower with leaves= Christy's Cuttlebug

    Thanks for stopping in and please don't leave without saying hi.:) I LOVE your visits!!!


    Monday, March 07, 2011

    Another lovin this!!:)

    I came across
  • Luna Rosa's
  • blog while browsing the scrapbook sites this week and found the CUTEST kit called "Hootenanny".It's a freebie ..but not sure how long it will be available..cause Luna Rosa is closing down her blog.Evidently she has gotten fed up with the theft etc of her designs. There are several CUTE kits she is offering until she calls it final.Better hurry!!
    I used her designs to make this card.I took her digital designs and printed them onto cardstock.The tree I left on white cardstock and cut a rectangle to fit on my card.I edged it with brown ink...slightly. Then I cut out the pink owl and the sign.They weren't together.Then I used a font called "Melanie" and wrote the wordart on it.Printed it out and cut it out and thought to use it as a perch for the CUTE owl. I took some of my artificial flowers and used the back of some of them for the whites of the eyes and I already had a pack of different sized eyes and I used a glue dot for each one to attach them to the flower.I LOVE the way this turned out and I just happened to have some hearts with the word "me" on them already.How COOL is that?:)

    Stay tuned for this weeks Mojo Monday ..haven't started it yet..but ...there's still time before next far anyway.LOL

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    Sweet Sixteen Card...shhhh:)

    I made a sweet 16 card that I thought was SWEET..:) My grand daughter...Carrie will be sixteen this month and this pink card is NOT her.... LOL

    Now...this is more like it.hehe. Since she doesn't come to my blog ..that I am aware of..I can go ahead and show you what I have done. The design for the card is not mine.I saw it on another blog..and will have to look it up if you want the url to it.I did the layout..but used completely different papers and elements etc.I LOVE the way it turned out..but all those the embossing..takes be prepared if you try this.:)
    I cut the flower and the paisley design out of a paper in this pack.( Miss Elizabeth's Paper Pack-Girls Rock). I used some gems from the bag of gems Christy had given me a while back. I used my paint program to do the word art tag and used the font-Park Avenue.Then I used my decorative scissors that have a staggered you thought I was a little tipsy?LOL

    I bought some string yarn from Big Lots a week or so ago and knew it would come in handy one day.It was only a I took the chance.:) I found out afterwords..that I should have made it a little tighter around the embossed paper..but wasn't willing to go back several layers to correct it.hehe...hey..I'm not selling it!! LOL I don't have an embossing machine I have the Fiskar's embossing sheets that you have to use the stylist thingy to make each and every one of those squares yourself.Okay..I cheated..I only did around the edges since it isn't showing under the other layer.hehe I am discovering shortcuts as I go.:) I also see something since posting this that I must do..that flower needs a gem in the center..don't you think? :)

    Thanks for stopping by for a peek and hope you stay long enough to say hi.:)


    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Easy Egg Casserole ..yummy!!

    Jim was off of work yesterday morning and I found him in the kitchen starting this I jumped in and helped him cut the bread into chunks and mixed the eggs and milk together while he cooked the sausage etc. It was really good and all four of us liked it.:) So....I thought I would point you to the recipe we used so you can try it too.:) Please let me know what you think. * We used Italian bread instead of French..since that is what we had on hand. Oh..and we used Colby cheese instead of the sharp cheddar.

    Thanks for stopping in and please don't forget to say hi.:)


    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Mojo Monday #180

    Here is Mojo Monday #180 Link is in my sidebar.:)

    I took this pic with the card sitting up on my folding tray table (dining room) .Until I get a better way of taking pics..this will have to do.:)
    Here is a pic that is slightly tilted so you can see the embellishments a little closer.:)

    Papers= Miss Elizabeth's Coordinating Paper pack.
    Stamp= Hope stamp from dollar bin-Micheal's Craft store.
    Butterfly= Christy gave me a few she punched from a Martha Stewart's punch she bought at Micheal's.
    Ribbon=Special Value from dollar bin at Micheal's.