Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow..three posts in one day !!!

Yay...I am ahead on a project.It's not Mother's Day yet and I have a card done already!!! :) Can you tell I am liking this layout?LOL

The circular design is from a pack of paper party doilies Christy gave me a while back.I wasn't sure how I would use them in my scrapping..but I now have an idea.hehe It is a pack of 100 doilies with a 4 1/2 " measurement.
The ribbon on the blue card is called Meadow Flowers and I got it in the dollar bin at Micheal's craft store.The dotted pink ribbon didn't have the name of the company on it and I also got it from the dollar bin at Micheal's.
The accent jewels are from a sandwich bag full of them that Christy gave to me a while back too.All different colors and sizes..WOOT!! :)
Credits for the paper is gonna be hard.The cover for the pack of paper left a long time ago.Back when I first started paper scrapping.I used the back cardboard as a place to glue my stuff so the over flow wouldn't ruin my table top.KWIM? It's been longggg gone too.:)

Thanks again for stopping in! I LOVE your visits.:)


Judgirl said...

wow love the cards...and those Roses open wow...girl you are so talented. And I am so happy you are enjoying Mojo cards and have joined us all. Hope you thought that email I sent you was kind of neat. Have a great weekend.


Sam I Am said...

Your cards are wonderful. the colors you chose are very refreshing.
Mojo layouts...they are addicting aren't they?
See you didnt need practice they are wonderful.

Mrs. Miles said...

whoa Valinda, no stopping you now. Very very imaginative and pretty. So glad you can join in, and Christy will come along soon???

How clever you are to be thinking ahead. The holidays have to hit me in the face before I clue in. Can't figure that out about me. Ah well, my friends love me just the way I am. Thx for sharig - you talented woman you.

Love, Barb

vw bug said...

That is awesome. I don't even think that far ahead anymore!