Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Roses have opened up!:)

Love it when they open and just seem to get prettier and prettier!

This is Christy's cat...Meowse. She loves to get involved in all of my activities.I can NOT keep her off of the table no matter how many times I remove her from there. This is where I work on my scrapbooks and cards and she really loves to supervise.LOL Guess I may as well take a pic of her inspecting my roses.LOL ( I am just soo thankful..she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops.) :)

Wow...she really is curious!! LOL She spent a good five minutes checking the roses over and then tried to eat a leaf...that ended the inspections and the roses were moved back onto the kitchen counter top where she won't mess with them..cause she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops yet.hehe

Thanks for stopping by..and please don't forget to say hi.:)


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xashee's corner said...

oh Val your roses are absolutely GORGEOUS! i LOVE when they open so fully, many don't! They (or one) would make an AWESOME scrapbook element!! ;)
And your cards are really FAB!! GREAT job!! i am just starting to get back into card making too, it can be such a BLAST!
Thanks so much for stopping in and visiting, i ALWAYS smile when i see a message from you!! :D