Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Monday Mojo ...trial.:)

This is my first attempt at Mojo Monday. I haven't entered this in the Mojo Monday blog..cause I need more practice...and time to take my time..if you KWIM?:) I did this one on the run..between here and there today.No time to clean up the edges etc...but it was fun!! Gonna attempt another one soon. I need to get a lightbox or another way of taking a good pic of the cards too .."IF" I am gonna get serious about doing this each week. :)

Most of these items are papers and elements that I have collected along the way..taken out of the containers and placed into an organizer container..without the original packaging..so...I have no idea who's they are.Suffice it to say..they were someone else's until I bought them.hehe
I do know the "My Little Cupcake" is from a set of papers that I bought recently...called DCWV "The Celebration Stack".

You can check out the other card entries on Mojo Mondays blog..(link in sidebar) if you are interested.:)


Sam I Am said...

I think you did a wonderful job on your card...i dont think you need any practice.
I'm sure the gang would love to have you get in on there Mojo Monday fun!!!

Judgirl's daughter

Judgirl said...

way to go girl...awesome ..you did ..I love the card ...and you did do a great job. I am so excited to have you join us all.


Notes by Nina said...

Great job on the card, I love the little details.