Thursday, February 03, 2011

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL!! My dear ..and I hope forgiving ..friend
  • Judy
  • ..made this beautiful greeting for me and posted it on her blog for my birthday and I just did see it today for the first time.I am soo sorry Judy for not making it to your blog a LOT sooner. What a wonderful surprise for me !! Thank you soo much. You did a fantastic job on it ..and it is so pretty. I will cherish it always!



    Judgirl said...

    you are a special lady and I wish you the best for the year...and I know God is got a hold on you and your family and who is better then that...His love. Have a great week my friend.


    suzi.wollman said...

    Hi, Valinda! You don't know me, but I've been looking around and wondering if you might be interested in being on my creative team? Drop by at and take a look around, if you are. And happy birthday! Mine was yesterday, but I'm a year older than you are :~{


    Mrs. Miles said...

    What a BEAUTIFUL layout Judy made for you, Valinda - much deserved. You are not only a friend to me and Judy but to our family - are you sure we are not all family now? Sorta?

    So glad you got celebrated. I will try to connect with you SOON.

    Love ya,