Friday, February 18, 2011

I forgot to show you this in the last post.(don't miss scrolling down and seeing my beautiful roses opened up.):) This is a "breakfast in bed" tray. I call it that...because I can't think of the correct name for it.LOL This is what I use to do my scrap booking/card making on. The reason I use it is..because I am TALL....5'8":) I started out with just using the table top..but noticed my back wasn't happy after a little while of bending over and then back up when working on my projects.So..I just HAD to find something to raise the project up a little and this tray is PERFECT!! It is easily folded and stored out of sight when not being has a top that is washable and ...the sides keep stuff from falling all over the place.YAY!! Have you got any COOL things you have done to make your projects easier to do?

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Notes by Nina said...

Morning Valinda-I don't know if your little table has a proper name I just always call ours a folding tray table. I think it is a fabulous idea. Have a great weekend.