Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few more Christmas Eve BB pages.:)

This is DIL's sister...Alexzander's mommy.:) I made a brag book of the birth of her baby and gave it to her for her Christmas present. The brag book I gave her came from Just SO Scrappy...can you tell I LOVE her stuff?:)

My sister got Mama some strainers that collapse... for her sink.They fold up real nice and store easily. Gotta find me some like that!!!:)

My Mama is short.I think 5'2". When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas..she said "a stool... so I can reach the stuff in the cupboards". So ..we got her two!! was a package of two different sizes.:)

This is my Niece (My brother's son's wife) We got them ( Jeremy and Jessy) both some Snuggy type blankets for Christmas. We actually got Jessy the red one..but because she loves blue ( look at her shirt etc..hehe) she and he traded.
This is Jeremy. I asked him to try his on so I can take a pic.Ain't he CUTE?LOL

Now for the credits again.:)
Brag book pages ( freebies) from the (Brrr) kit designed by Just So Scrappy (Link in sidebar).
I just think they are ADORABLE!! :)
The font I used is...Melanie.So CUTE and I LOVE it!

Thanks again for stopping in..would love it if you would stay long enough to say..Hi :)


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Mama said...

I really like what you did to those. Sorry I don't come to this more often. Your work is really worth the time it takes to go through them. I like those you make of me, because you make me look so very good. Thanks. Love you, Mother.