Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Card for my Daughter :)

I made this card using Just So Scrappy's ( link in my sidebar)"Denim and Daisies" CUTE kit.I really LOVE it! :) This is the card from my last post and thanks to my dear friend Judy..who convinced me to repost it..I am doing just that. Thanks Judy..I would hate to feel I couldn't share the things I made without having them misrepresented as a freebie.KWIM? Hopefully everyone will realize that this is a show and tell card and NOT a freebie!! :) This is for my Daughter ..Christy..who was feeling a little low yesterday. It made her cry and smile too! I was really looking for her smile though.:)


Judgirl said...

glad to see that awesome card back up ...I love it ...awesome job know I loved it . Have a great day.


neti's fine crafts said...

You are just awesome Valinda!
Thank you for the comments you have left for me on my blog,young Lady!
Was unable to respond to them. Guess I need a e-mail address from you.

Mrs. Miles said...

Well that just sucks that Craft Crave craves your goodies so much it just tries to snarf up everything you put up here. Sheesh. I am SO GLAD Judy convinced you to re-post, this card is PERFECT and I can see why it brightened up Christie's day - you give her a big ole squeeze for me too.

Will drop you a line again when I can - we need a good natter.

Love ya,

Samantha said...

That card is beautiful!!! It is cheery for sure. Sorry to hear your daughter was down and glad that you were there to cheer her up.
You and your daughter sound very close.
Hope you have a great weekend Valinda.
Thank you for always stopping in and leaving some encouragment and support.