Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Card..yay!!

I am liking this planning ahead thing.:) Mama's birthday is April 15th. She will be 82 yrs young.!! I placed a vanilla tea bag into a slot I made. I really LOVE the way this turned out.The photo isn't as pretty as the real thing..but it does give you an idea of what I did.:) I told Mama she can't come to my blog for a while.LOL

Thanks for stopping in and for leaving a lovely comment for me. I truly appreciate it and it makes me smile.:)



smiekeltje said...

Oh whee, you ARE planning ahead! Good girl! You'' ve done a lovely job on the Mothers Day card!
I am quit busy here too, trying out a bit new things in PSE8, not all succeed yet, but I am getting to it slowly.
The roses are sooooo lovely and beautiful! And yes, roses are the most beautiful when they are opened halfway or 3/4. Then you really can see how beautiful that flower can be!
Have fun making more cards on that wonderful tea table! They are practical, have kind of it too. Sometimes also handy having breakfast in bed! Or sitting at the couch, LOL!
Time to post the freebielist, so I will leave you now. Give a cuddle to the cat, I love curious cats, although they can be a pain in the a........ hahahahaha!
Have a wonderful day.

Judgirl said...

wow the card ...and Mama will too...82 she always looks so beautiful. Well it is Mojo monday so can't wait to see your cards. Have a great week.


Mrs. Miles said...


We've turned you into a "carding critter" too! Your mom is going to absolutely love this card - the colors will suit her perfectly. Hmm - can we get a photo of her WITH her card?

Love you,

Ps, just a short comment as I can see I have two more posts to add too haha! You busy busy beee!