Sunday, February 27, 2011

I had some left over papers so I did another card using them.I changed the flower and the jewels and added a rub on WA. Check out the similar card a couple of posts down.:)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I wrote a poem on Feb.15th 2011 . If you have looked at my will notice that I like to write poems.I am not a poet..but I do like to write them when I get inspiration for one.:) Hope you like this one.:)

Friend of Mine

A friend is someone to talk to
...when things don't go so well,
For they will sit and listen
as your tears begin to swell.
They'll take your hand within
their own and gently lead you
to HIS throne.
Comfort there you too will find.
For there you'll find that friend
of MINE.

Poem by Valinda

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Card for my Daughter :)

I made this card using Just So Scrappy's ( link in my sidebar)"Denim and Daisies" CUTE kit.I really LOVE it! :) This is the card from my last post and thanks to my dear friend Judy..who convinced me to repost it..I am doing just that. Thanks Judy..I would hate to feel I couldn't share the things I made without having them misrepresented as a freebie.KWIM? Hopefully everyone will realize that this is a show and tell card and NOT a freebie!! :) This is for my Daughter ..Christy..who was feeling a little low yesterday. It made her cry and smile too! I was really looking for her smile though.:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Had to delete my post:(

I had posted a card I had made using Just So Scrappy's "Denim and Daisies" CUTE kit... and had to delete the post because Craft Crave Freebie site tried to post it on their"Cutting out"post. I'm not sure how that works...cause I wasn't offering it as a freebie..just showing it and complimenting Katie on her COOL kit.
Can any of you tell me how a show and tell can end up as a freebie without your permission? There was nothing in the wording that indicated anything other than my intentions.... Showing the card!

Thanks for any info you can give me!:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mojo Monday again.:)

Here is my first card for this week.Definitely need that lighbox...hey...Jimmmmm!!!:) The colors are brighter in person.:)
The link to Monday in my sidebar. You should go see the beautiful cards everyone has created using this lovely sketch.:)
Credits are ...

Papers = Miss Elizabeth's Coordinating scrapbook papers.
Stamp = Dollar bin from Micheal's brand name on it.
Flower = Dollar Tree...yeah..I'm frugal.LOL
Jewels..same bag Christy gave to me.:)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Card..yay!!

I am liking this planning ahead thing.:) Mama's birthday is April 15th. She will be 82 yrs young.!! I placed a vanilla tea bag into a slot I made. I really LOVE the way this turned out.The photo isn't as pretty as the real thing..but it does give you an idea of what I did.:) I told Mama she can't come to my blog for a while.LOL

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow..three posts in one day !!!

Yay...I am ahead on a project.It's not Mother's Day yet and I have a card done already!!! :) Can you tell I am liking this layout?LOL

The circular design is from a pack of paper party doilies Christy gave me a while back.I wasn't sure how I would use them in my scrapping..but I now have an idea.hehe It is a pack of 100 doilies with a 4 1/2 " measurement.
The ribbon on the blue card is called Meadow Flowers and I got it in the dollar bin at Micheal's craft store.The dotted pink ribbon didn't have the name of the company on it and I also got it from the dollar bin at Micheal's.
The accent jewels are from a sandwich bag full of them that Christy gave to me a while back too.All different colors and sizes..WOOT!! :)
Credits for the paper is gonna be hard.The cover for the pack of paper left a long time ago.Back when I first started paper scrapping.I used the back cardboard as a place to glue my stuff so the over flow wouldn't ruin my table top.KWIM? It's been longggg gone too.:)

Thanks again for stopping in! I LOVE your visits.:)
I forgot to show you this in the last post.(don't miss scrolling down and seeing my beautiful roses opened up.):) This is a "breakfast in bed" tray. I call it that...because I can't think of the correct name for it.LOL This is what I use to do my scrap booking/card making on. The reason I use it is..because I am TALL....5'8":) I started out with just using the table top..but noticed my back wasn't happy after a little while of bending over and then back up when working on my projects.So..I just HAD to find something to raise the project up a little and this tray is PERFECT!! It is easily folded and stored out of sight when not being has a top that is washable and ...the sides keep stuff from falling all over the place.YAY!! Have you got any COOL things you have done to make your projects easier to do?

Valentine's Roses have opened up!:)

Love it when they open and just seem to get prettier and prettier!

This is Christy's cat...Meowse. She loves to get involved in all of my activities.I can NOT keep her off of the table no matter how many times I remove her from there. This is where I work on my scrapbooks and cards and she really loves to supervise.LOL Guess I may as well take a pic of her inspecting my roses.LOL ( I am just soo thankful..she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops.) :)

Wow...she really is curious!! LOL She spent a good five minutes checking the roses over and then tried to eat a leaf...that ended the inspections and the roses were moved back onto the kitchen counter top where she won't mess with them..cause she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops yet.hehe

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Mojo :)

Here is my second Mojo Monday card. Thought I would see what else I could do with the design for this week.:) Jim doesn't know it yet..but I can see a lightbox in the making soon.LOL I opened the card up to stand while I was taking the pic.That is why the angle is a little off.

Credits are :
Mojo Monday=(link in sidebar)
Papers = The Paper Studio- Faith pack
Round design = Paperbilitie's Decorative Accessories (precut heritage accents)
Ribbon = Solid-By-Spool
Font= Park Avenue

We are still trying to figure out how to get these cards posted to Mojo Monday's blog. We WILL figure it out though.LOL

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Monday Mojo ...trial.:)

This is my first attempt at Mojo Monday. I haven't entered this in the Mojo Monday blog..cause I need more practice...and time to take my time..if you KWIM?:) I did this one on the run..between here and there today.No time to clean up the edges etc...but it was fun!! Gonna attempt another one soon. I need to get a lightbox or another way of taking a good pic of the cards too .."IF" I am gonna get serious about doing this each week. :)

Most of these items are papers and elements that I have collected along the way..taken out of the containers and placed into an organizer container..without the original have no idea who's they are.Suffice it to say..they were someone else's until I bought them.hehe
I do know the "My Little Cupcake" is from a set of papers that I bought recently...called DCWV "The Celebration Stack".

You can check out the other card entries on Mojo Mondays blog..(link in sidebar) if you are interested.:)

Valentine's Day

I was surprised when Jim came home from work yesterday.:) How Sweet!! :) I LOVE that man of mine!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

To Jim..using
  • Barb Derksen's
  • Vintage Love kit.:)

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    A few more Christmas Eve BB pages.:)

    This is DIL's sister...Alexzander's mommy.:) I made a brag book of the birth of her baby and gave it to her for her Christmas present. The brag book I gave her came from Just SO Scrappy...can you tell I LOVE her stuff?:)

    My sister got Mama some strainers that collapse... for her sink.They fold up real nice and store easily. Gotta find me some like that!!!:)

    My Mama is short.I think 5'2". When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas..she said "a stool... so I can reach the stuff in the cupboards". So ..we got her two!! was a package of two different sizes.:)

    This is my Niece (My brother's son's wife) We got them ( Jeremy and Jessy) both some Snuggy type blankets for Christmas. We actually got Jessy the red one..but because she loves blue ( look at her shirt etc..hehe) she and he traded.
    This is Jeremy. I asked him to try his on so I can take a pic.Ain't he CUTE?LOL

    Now for the credits again.:)
    Brag book pages ( freebies) from the (Brrr) kit designed by Just So Scrappy (Link in sidebar).
    I just think they are ADORABLE!! :)
    The font I used is...Melanie.So CUTE and I LOVE it!

    Thanks again for stopping in..would love it if you would stay long enough to say..Hi :)


    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Some Christmas Eve Brag Book Layouts!:)

    This is Carrie...our oldest Grand daughter.She has ALWAYS loved Elmo.:) I believe Christy got one for her.

    This is Alexis..our middle Grand daughter.She wanted an easy bake oven for Christmas.She put it on her list and ended up with two.Instead of trading one in for another present...she said she will give the extra one to Destiny..(her sister) and our youngest Grand daughter..because it was on her list too! How Sweet!:)

    This is Jim with Alexzander.The newest member of our family.:) My DIL's sister's baby.I thought this was such a sweet picture of the two of them. It shows the softer side of my sweet hubby.:)

    Christy got a knitting kit from my Mom for Christmas.She didn't waste any time trying it out.You can see the knitted cap she made shortly after receiving the kit.:) I think she can do just about anything you put into her hands.:)

    This is a "Special" present from Christy to her Grandma Razor (My Mom). Please click on the pic to see a larger closeup of it.I think she did an excellent job on it and as we knew she Mom just LOVES it.:) It is a story board type of thing. The life of Christ starting with his birth and ending with his reign on earth as the King of Kings.:) So COOL!:)

    Now for the credits...:)

    The COOL bragbook pages are from Just So Scrappy's "Holly Days" kit. She gives ten brag book pages away for just about every kit she has made.I absolutely LOVE her stuff!!!:) Her link is in my sidebar.

    The COOL red alpha is from...Delicious in side bar....and it is her "Felt" alpha.I just loved it and knew it was perfect for these pages.:)

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    Friday, February 11, 2011

    My-My-How time flies!!!! :)

    A layout I made using my friend "Vintage Love" kit.This is my Mama this year.She will be 82 in April. :) I used a hat in this kit to place on Mama's head.Just fits too!!:)

    I keep telling myself that I need to post again!! I have several things I would love to show I will start with my friend
  • Barb's
  • (Mrs.Miles) new Vintage kit.It is so pretty and she HAND PAINTED her beautiful elements too!! You can find all the details and where to find it on her blog..please follow the link and stay for a while to see the rest of the COOL things she has over there.:)
    Oh..and Mr and Mrs. Miles had an Anniversary over this last weekend! I want to say..Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Hope you have many more lovely years together!:) May God bless you!!


    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL!! My dear ..and I hope forgiving ..friend
  • Judy
  • ..made this beautiful greeting for me and posted it on her blog for my birthday and I just did see it today for the first time.I am soo sorry Judy for not making it to your blog a LOT sooner. What a wonderful surprise for me !! Thank you soo much. You did a fantastic job on it ..and it is so pretty. I will cherish it always!