Monday, January 10, 2011


This is our back yard this morning. Five inches of snow.:)

You can't read the numbers on the ruler but we used a pair of binoculars to see it. No way was I going out there.:)

Outside our front door looking down from the porch.:)

Steps going down from front porch. Think I will stay on the house.hehe

Jim's birthday was yesterday and Christy's is tomorrow.Happy birthday to both of you! May your wishes come true!:) I love you both more than you can think or say!!:)



Judgirl said...

wow the birthdays in these couple of days wow ...give everyone a big hug from me ...ohhhh snow a love it if you were skiing ...or just in front of a fire with a love one and drinking hot chocolate....have a great week


vw bug said...

Wow. That is a lot of snow. Keep warm! and happiest belated birthdays to all.